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LOL, sorry for the confusion.

I might be going about this wrong, though.... Is most everyone on here fighting this cancer?  I hate to bring anyone down by my bad news..... 

Seems to be such a silent killer!  Dad was sick maybe part of November, had a doctors appointment December 10th he was wanting to just wait to go to it! Ugg.... finaly talked him into going to the ER and the short rollercoaster ride began then!  Stage 4 by this point and 24 days later he passed away!  It was so confusing to me the doctors kept talking about bile duct blockage then ended up that there was no blockage and nothing else they could do!

I guess I will be second guessing myself on if there was anything else I should have done or if I could have got him to a doctor sooner!!

Thanks again for listening!

Love and Courage to all!!!


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Thank you all so much for the sincere thoughts, and answer to my question.  I knew this would be the place to come to ask it. 

Howards Daughter, JK (Jen)


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One question I would have is the death certificate says liver cancer.  Is this maybe why bile cancer is said to be really rare?  Maybe more liver cancer is miss diagnosed.  The doctor original said he first would assume that it was liver until the lab and pathology department came back with bile cancer instead.  Should I try and get the death certificate changed?


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Hello everyone!  Thought I would come to ya'll in hope of maybe making some sence of my month of December.... Yes less than 1 month!  My dad was diagnosed on December 6th with liver cancer, one week later the oncology doctor changed it to bile duct cancer, December 28th he passed away after a one week stay in hospice!