Thank you! That sure does. We've tried the shakes and she was getting tired of them, maybe I can try to add some variety. I'll look into those medicines as well! Thanks so much!!

Hi all, been quite awhile since I've posted last about my mom. The last time I believe I posted it was about the insurance for has a lot happened since then! We were able to get that treatment and the 1st round went great and the 2nd lobe not so great. She ended up w/ an ulcer and could not eat for days but rallied back and the procedure proved for us at least to be effective st keeping the cancer at bay. Since then it's been an up and down ride, which we all kno goes along w/ this disease. She was able last sept to be off chemo for a few months so we could enjoy a family trip and allow her body to build up to keep fighting this cancer. After those 3 months we found out there were more spots, which was a risk we were willing to take knowing her body needed a chemo break. Since then the chemo stopped working (gem/cis) combo and we are on the 2nd round of folfox. Mom has lost a great amount of weight but has been fighting this since oct 2012... Were a lot further than we ever thought we would be, which is amazing but It's gotten harder and harder for her to eat and this chemo seems to really be zapping her energy/appetite. She's also been going in for almost weekly drains from fluid on her abdomen. Which also does not help her eating. So with that quick (haha) update my questions I have for all you amazing people are what I can do to get her to eat or what could help the ascites? The dr is hoping this new chemo regimen will help but seeing her so weak and not wanting to eat and how thin she's gotten scares the day lights out of me. What have all of you experienced with this?! Thanks for taking time to read and answer any questions. I may not post often but visit frequently for help from all of your experiences....truly greatful to have found this site!
God bless, Kami

Hi all! Been awhile since I last posted! Since then we jumped through hoops to get my mom to have the y90 procedure done and got our wish! The 1st embo went great, 2nd one not so well. She was extremely sick right away and still trying to bounce back from it. She had an upper GI scope where they found the cause of all her ulcer sad may not seem like a huge thing but she has been extremely sick from it and barely able to eat...does anyone have any ideas on what to do to help w/ this...I feel we've tried everything...the dr says it just takes time but moms in so much pain now she has a pain patch...any ideas or things that may help are greatly appreciated!! Other than this dang ulcer her dr is very pleased w/ how her cancer fight is going. This wed the 10th we meet w/ our onc and radiology onc to discuss her scan results...we're nervous but looking forward to seeing how much this procedure helped! Thanks for any input!


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Our hearts are breaking for your family!! Lauren gave this terrible disease everything she had and had a great support system behind her who gave their all as well! Keep your wonderful memories of her close!!! Hugs and prayers
--kami and Julie


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Pam---continually sending prayers up for Lauren! My heart hurts knowing what you guys are going's such an up down process I'm surprised you find it in you to report to us each day! I am greatful you mom asks everyday day "how's Lauren doing" it's as if we know you already thru following your blog! Healing thoughts being sent your way and hope Lauren continues to improve!!
-kami and Julie


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Praying continually for you, Lauren, and your family!! Lauren has been such an inspiration to my mom and our family!! She's definitely a fighter and has the attitude and tremendous support to make it through! Thanks for the updates, I know it has to be the last thing on your mind when you're worried and caring for her....thoughts and prayers from Iowa!
-Kami and Julie


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Yay!! Praying for a great recovery!! So glad to hear she's doing well! Will continue thinking of you!

Thanks marions! I will check that out...thanks!


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Hello Again!
Sorry it has taken me so long to respond back to everyone. Thank you to everyone who has written on my wall and read my mom's story. As you all know things can change everyday...not anything huge but mom was unable to have chemo last week since her magnesium was low. We're told this is very common and cisplat just knocks your magnesium out. She had to take pills and go in to get IV fluids and so far her levels seem to be back up! The dr said there is nothing she can really do to help this...anyone else heard any different? I guess fluids and pills aren't huge but just adds more to what she already takes/has to do!

Pamela--I have been following your blog and have caught all the way up with it! It's absolutely crazy how our stories are so very similar but roles reversed! I'm absolutely thrilled to see all of lauren's progress and how well her body has been handling everything. It truly gives me a lot of hope knowing the "impossible" we were given at the beginning CAN happen!!

PCL1029--Thank you for your information..I will have to get my mom's reports out and look at exact measurements and where the tumors are  located. The doctors have told us they don't think that the chemo can shrink it enough to have surgery, but said they would reevalute with us as we go. They were most reluctant to do surgery because she had cancer in both lobes already and said even if they did surgery on the left half the right half already had growths. Again i Know this is not much information and from your story it seems it IS possible to have surgery if there are lesions in the right lobe...I will be getting back with you shortly after I go look at mom's reports.

Hi All,
Any information on internal/external appeals w/ your insurance companies and Y90 therasphere treatment? Our insurance has denied our request twice now for my mom to receive this treatment and we are now in the external appeal, in which we have to basically plead for her life and how it will help her. Just wondering if anyone has any experince w/ this or gone thru it.
Thanks smile


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Hello All!
My name is Kami and I have been following this site for a few months without becoming a member and posting things. I was very unsure of what I would write, how I'd ask questions, but after following for awhile I see this is a VERY welcoming "community". I'll start with saying I'm 25 years old and found out Oct 18th that my 52 year old mother was diagnosed with CC. Her and my dad had been out in vegas and on their last night my mom was in so much pain she stayed in. The next day she called and made an appointment for when she got back. Of course all of us thought too much fun in vegas...must be gallbladder. She went to her primary physician where they did and ultrasound and saw "some spots" on her liver. THey were unsure or not if the spots were difused so they ordered her to have a CT Scan...well that scan lead to a specialts in Omaha where and MRI and bioposy of the lesions took place. After this, is of course when we received the news of the "c-word", devasted does not even begin to express the emotions that I felt. My mom is my best friend, person I go to, my # 1..they surely had to be wrong/had the test results mixed up because she looks/feels to good to be sick! From here we were unsure where life was going to take us all... Mom got her first opinion at Nebraska Cancer center in Omaha and second at Mayo in Rochester. What we found out in Rochester was the same news we heard in Omaha. Her main tumor primarily taking up the left lobe was very large (can't remember exact measurements right now) and she had some lesions that were 2-3 cm in her right lobe. There was no possilbe way for surgery and no way of a liver transplant. We had went to mayo with the HOPE that they would say they could remove her mass/have a liver transplant, but they said what Omaha was doing, and had planned to do they 100 % agreed with and informed us they have referred others for 2nd opinions from their hospital down to Omaha. With that reassurance we have been going to Omaha ever since. Mom has 3 cycles of chemo down (began the start of her 4th today). Her "cock tail" has been Gem/cys. She went in for scans this past Monday and came back today for her results/what regimine she is going to stay on. we were EXTATIC to find out her tumors were shrinking! Not in GREAT amounts but WERE shrinking. Hearing a little bit of good news after being in this crazy bad dream for the last few months was enough to bring tears of joy. I know that this is only the beginning and there will be many more osbtacles for us to overcome but as of right now we're enjoying how good she feels/looks and trying to stay positive. Anyways, this is my story thus far and I know I have A LOT of questions already, which by reading this site i Know you all will be more than happy to answer/help any way you can, but I thought i would introduce myself and story before the questions went flying!
Thanks for reading smile