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I hope Lauren's surgery is a huge success and all of your prayers are answered.

God bless, Mags


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Hi Clare, I know what you mean about it seeming surreal.  I still can't believe my dad has gone, as with your sister, it was all very quick, and unbelievable really.

My husband lost his sister a couple of years ago, she also had cancer and she  left behind a little girl who was four at the time, so I know how awful that is and how hard it is and also for your parents, as you never expect to outlive your child.

That's why this site is so important as they offer so much fantastic advice and support and also charities such as AMMF in the UK.  Hopefully, working together, there will one day be a cure and other people won't need to suffer like this.



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Hi Clare, my husband has voted from work and I am going to vote today as well, so that's two extra votes!  Will get my mum to vote as well.

Hope you are getting on ok, Mags

Hi all, I just wanted to let you all know that my dad passed away yesterday evening.  He fought a really hard fight and it was heart breaking to see him not being able to eat properly.  He was just so weak towards the end that he didn't have the strength even to stand up on his own.  He did not spend any time in hospital (apart from when he had his biliary stent) and we did not involve the Macmillan nurses or the hospice.  My dad stayed at home the whole time and we had community nurses who came out and changed his fluids (we had him on subcutaneous fluids right up until the very end) which helped keep him more comfortable. He also didn't have any pain that needed morphine or sedation of any kind, so he was able to talk to us during waking periods, although he slept a lot towards the end.

I prayed for him to go towards the end because he was so weak and finding it so hard and he still had vomiting which took an awful lot out of him.  My dad had wanted to stay at home and so at least he got his wish.  The doctor had wanted to admit him to hospital as he was severely dehydrated, but he would then have come home again and been back to square one - they also, at this late stage talked about a stent to relieve the bowel obstruction, but this would have meant travelling to a different hospital and then having invasive procedures carried out, and by this time, he was just far too weak.  He made the decision himself to stay at home and have subcut fluids, which actually did help and the dehydration did settle to a large extent, but of course, he was still not getting any adequate intake of food.

My dad was an absolutely amazing man right up to his last breath.  He didn't once complain and he always had a smile.  I am so proud of him and will miss him so much. He is still at home with us now, as in our family (we are catholic) our loved ones stay at home until they leave to go to their final resting place.  He looks very peaceful now and I am glad that he is now free of his suffering.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful support and I am sorry I haven't posted sooner, but I just couldn't bring myself to say anything during the last week and a half or so, because each day, I saw my dad getting progessively worse and couldn't understand how anyone could go through so much and yet still be fighting. 

take care, God bless, Mags


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Dear Clare, I am so sorry about your sister.  She is at peace now and she knew how much you all loved her.  I know it doesn't bring your sister back, but at least she knew that you were all there for her and I'm sure she took great comfort from that.

God bless you and your family.


Dear Mark, I can't help very much with medical advice, but I think as Lainy suggested it would be a good idea to get a second opinion, it seems awful just to say that there isn't any treatment without discussing the options with you first.  I know what that is like, as my dad is struggling to get any help and even to get the information he needs.

I really hope you do get some help for you dad and sending you my very best wishes to you and your dad.

Thanks Lainy, we certainly do have a great family, we hadn't expected them to sort it out so quickly, but they really went out on a limb.  From what you say about Teddy, the Brioschi sounds great and hopefully my dad can get started on it tomorrow.

The italians do love their food, that's for sure!!!

My uncle telephoned my mum yesterday evening - he had just been out and had managed to get the Brioschi - he had already arranged for it to be delivered here and it will be with us on Wednesday, which is amazingly quick.

That was so kind of them to go straight out and do that on the same day.  We are so grateful to them.

Thanks Gavin, will let you know if we manage to get some.

Hi Gavin, my mum is going to email her sister-in-law today and ask if they will sort the Brioschi out from their end, so hopefully we might have some soon - here's hoping it does the trick!

Best wishes, Mags

Yes, they seem like such a trivial thing, but they are really awful for the poor person who has them.  Thanks so much for the info, will get on to my aunt and ask if she can arrange to send some over.

Best wishes, Mags

Hi Lainy, yes, I agree, was just talking to my mum and we were just saying as my dad's blood sugar seems to be under control, the odd tsp of sugar won't do any harm, especially if it means he gets some sleep.  I was telling my mum about the brioschi, I noticed you had mentioned that on some other threads, but don't think we can get it in the UK.  It does sound really good so we are going to ask my dad's sister, who lives in Omaha, Nebraska, if she could possibly get some and send it over.  Are there any particular stores that she would be able to get it from.

Would be fantastic if it helps get rid of the hiccups!
Many thanks, Mags

Hi Randi, many thanks for the info - that's really a help.  I've heard that the spoon of sugar can be good, but my dad is diabetic so not sure if that would be great for him.  Might be worth looking into some of the drugs the article mentioned, as maybe one of those could help. 

Thanks again and best wishes, Mags

Hi Gavin, think I spoke too soon - my dad's hiccups seemed to get better after trying the peppermint oil, but are now back again and the peppermint isn't helping!  Having said that, it might still help some people, so I guess still worth a try.  Are the hiccups just part of the condition, CC, as I notice a lot of people seem to get them?

As you say, they really are the most annoying thing - they keep him awake for most of the night sometimes.

Best wishes and just to say what a great help these discussion boards are - everyone is really supportive and kind.


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Hi Clarem, just to say I am thinking of your sister and hope she will soon be much stronger and feeling better.

Best wishes.

Hi Honeez, my dad has also had persistent problems with hiccups since having his stent inserted, that seems to have been the trigger.  He is awake all night sometimes because of the constant hiccuping.  I suggested to my mum that they try peppermint oil in a drop of warm water and it seems to have worked (fingers crossed) so might be something others can try.  Worth a go!

best wishes, Mags