My father has always been larger than life.  In November 2012 we found out he had Cholangiocarcinoma, he fought it and gave it every thing he had...this awful disease won.

He went through multiple rounds of chemo and it seemed to be keeping it at bay.

Then, he had two chemo embolizations done on his liver, one in May 2013 and one in June 2013.  He was never the same after, his health kept declining and the doctors were puzzled.

In March of 2013, he casually said, "I won't make it to August!"

My big bear of a father passed away July 30, 2013 at the age of 60!

It has always amazed me the amount of people he knew!  Now we know that he someone managed to touch each and everyone of their hearts...there were over 700 people at his wake/funeral.  Really kind of boggles the mind.

Harvest time will never be the same!!!

Tomorrow my dad goes in for embolization of the liver tumor.

As of late, he has been experiencing more stomach pain and fatigue.

It has been about 2 months since his last chemo, so he has gotten a break from that (I'm not sure if that is good or bad, but I think it was well needed!).

Hoping this all goes well and gives him a little more time here with us!!


My dads latest scans show that his lymph nodes are almost all completely normal.  They have decided to stop his traditional chemo and he will meet with a radiologist next Friday.  They are going to do the chemo embolization!!!  This is VERY exciting and hopefully will help with his fatigue.  He is excited about the prospect of being able to plant this spring and so are we.

Anything that helps him feel better and possible shrink this tumor we are excited about!!

Sorry I haven't posted any updates, but there is really nothing new. 

Our appt with Mayo went well.  The dr. said he couldn't understand why we were there?  He said that everything is working so why are you here?  I just told him that it was for our piece of mind and to make sure we were proceeding with the treatment that they would recommend. 

After we got that out of the way, he agreed with the treatment, however, he seems to think that my dad has primary liver cancer along with the cholangiocarcinoma, so, I'm not sure what that means.

He did say that depending on how his chemo progresses, he might be a candidate for embolization down the road.  At this point that is really the best we can hope for.

He has another scan in 2 weeks so we should know more at that point.  Hoping this time that the tumor has shrunk some.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful words of compassion and encouragement!  We are anxiously awaiting our appointment at Mayo and I will definitely post more after.

My 60 yr old father was diagnosed with CC in Nov 2012. 
Brief History:
He is a farmer in MN, and if anyone knows farmers, they DO NOT take time out to go to the dr.  He had been having some upper abdomen pain and AFTER harvest, he went in to the dr and they treated him for diverticulitis.  Pain would not go away and a CT Scan was ordered, only to find a LARGE mass smack dab in the center of his liver.  After more tests it was diagnosed as ICC, with mets to lymph node by the heart.  Not operable.  His doctor sent him to Abbott Northwestern – Virginia Piper Cancer Institute.  After meeting with oncologist there, he decided to start Chemo.  He is on the Gem/Cis regiment and seems to be handling it ok, quite tired all the time (except day after Chemo) and quite a bit of pain.  He had a CT scan on Jan. 8th and it showed the cancer is stable, which I guess is better than growing, so we will take it.  On Feb 1, we are going down to Mayo Clinic in Rochester to get a second opinion and HOPE that they have something else that will start to kick this in the butt!!!
This whole process has been heart wrenching and mind numbing at the same time!  We are a VERY close knit family and all live within 10 minutes of each other, being a farm family, there usually isn’t a weekend that someone isn’t hanging out at the farm!!  On top of the diagnosis, we have to also worry about the farm, my poor dad was blessed with 3 daughters and has always done the majority of the fieldwork.  My head is spinning, how will my mother make it, what will happen to the farm, how can we help when we all have full time jobs…YIKES!!!  I’m depressing myself all over again!!
Any wisdom or words of encouragement are most certainly welcome!