The past couple of months have been like a whirlwind to me and my family.  My father was diagnsed with cholangiocarcinoma on 11/05/12 and passed away on 12/08/12.  He had 3 procedures to try and unblock the common bile duct with no success.  He then underwent an exploratory type surgery only to find the cancer was in the upper part of the liver, going into the pancreas and about 8-9 inches into the lymph glands.  The surgeon said he was able to put a stent into the bile duct, and remove some of the lymph glands but could not remove the tumor since it had progressed into the upper part of the liver.  The oncologist said chemo and/or radiation were not an option due to the advance stage of the cancer.  She told us he had "weeks" left and said she would tell him that if he asked -- he did not.  I think he already knew.  Dad was not a candidate for a liver transplant either.  He did get to come home with Hospice (the day after Thanksgiving) and was comfortable and alert until about 3 days before he passed.  My dad was employed at a factory here in Winchester Kentucky - Rockwell Internationa from 1968 to 1992.  After reading about some of the causes of cc, I have found a common thread about chemicals used by Rockwell (they have been sued in other states and also at another plant in Russell Kentucky for use of banned chemicals in their plants).  Can anyone tell me if they know of any connection to this cancer and Rockwell manufacturing plants?  Also, how would I go about finding out if their are any other similar cases and/or lawsuits?  I appreciate any assistance/guidance that anyone can offer.