Hi again,
I guess everything we have been told right now is speculation. The specialist did a biopsy of her cancer, and in 2 weeks we will find out what their plan is (the only reason we have to wait so long is my mom is going to Hawaii for a week - yay!). So at this point I don't really know anything else.
Thank you both for the suggestion, I will definitely talk to my mom about possibly getting a 2nd opinion.
And thanks for listening

Hi there,

My mom has had primary biliary schlorosis for 8 years or so, and in the beginning of February was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma.
It has been a little bit of a roller coaster. When they found the lump, we were told transplants weren't an option for cancer patients (she would need on in the near future or her PBS - as along with the news of cancer, she was told her primary biliary schlorosis had worsened to the point they wanted her to go and speak with the transplant board so when the time came she would be ready).
When she went for her initial appointment after it had been confirmed cancer, they told us there was a specialist who would be willing to do the transplant, and that this was her best option, so we werent even going to consider chemo or radiation.
After seeing the specialist, we were told that the transplant couldn't happen while she had cancer. They said they were most likely going to do a radical type of chemo(injected right into her liver) that would destroy the cancer, along with her liver. So then she would need a transplant.
All of this has left us confused and frustrated. What I really want to know is how chemo has effected everyone, and of course, I want to know that my mom is going to be okay.
I know no one can really give me that answer.