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Thank you for the warm welcome. I am so sad and lonely- it's comforting to see that people are out there listening.
My dad was operated on at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD on Nov 8th by Dr Rudloff, an amazing and wonderful surgeon. No one here in Norfolk would operate on him because it was so risky and involved and so we felt fortunate to have found help at NCI. The surgery was very involved and over 70% of the liver was removed. He went into liver failure afterwards but they were not concerned because his liver was regenerating and improving until he got sepsis from pneumonia. His liver never recovered after the sepsis.
I do talk about it some but no one understands. Its hard to move forward when each day that passes makes me feel like he is disappearing.
I dont have a relationship with my mother and none of my sisters live near.

My name is Jules, my dad had cholangiocarcinoma. He was diagnosed in October, had a liver resection on November 8th and went into liver failure which he never recovered from. He died on January 12th. We only had 6 weeks to know that he had cancer before he had surgery.

He was an amazing person and so healthy- I can't believe he is gone. I looked at postings on this site so many times while he was in the hospital but never registered as a member. I kept hoping that this whole nightmare would be a thing of the past. He was going to recover.

The crazy thing is he didnt die of the cancer. The liver resection was successful in that respect- he was cancer free when he died. He never left ICU though.

I have never felt so alone sad