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Hi Everyone, so my dad was supposed to have surgery to remove the left lobe of his liver where about 95-98% of the tumor is. Unfortunately he did not get cardiac clearance from his cardiologist so we can't do surgery. A portion of his heart was not receiving enough blood so they had 2 stents placed and he is now on blood thinners which is why surgery had to be postponed at least for the next 4 - 6 months. His doctors are now suggesting radiological embolization in the mean time so he doesn't spend the next 6 months not doing anything. Has anyone had any experience with this and can provide me with more information? I know there is a risk of the radioactive medicine going into "non-targeted areas" and a risk of liver failure. Thank you!!


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Hi Lainy, yes, we were very lucky because there were no signs until the weight loss. The tumor has taken over his entire left lobe, a smaller section of his right, some lymphnodes around the liver, and some small nodules in his lungs. We are still doing chemo oxaliplatin and gemzar. After the 4th round of the cocktail they sent him for a scan to see if there has been any change. The good news was that the left side did not get bigger and the right side has gone away which the docs feel more confident about doing a lobeectomy of the left side to which holds 95% of the tumor. Then do some post op chemo for the lymphnodes and nodules in the lungs. Sorry CrownShine to take up space on your post.


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I'm so happy to hear your dad is doing well. My dad was diagnosed January 2013. Kind of the same story as yours... he was loosing a lot of weight and his PCP said it was because of his high blood sugar and sent him to an endocrinolgoist. All his liver function tests were and still are normal. The endocrinologist felt his abdomen and felt his liver was a little too big. He sent my dad for an ultrasound, then a CT, then he referred us to an oncologist. The oncologist had a biopsy done and confirmed stage 4 CC. At that time my dad was not a surgery candidate because the tumor had spread to both lobes but yesterday we found out that he is now eligible for surgery. Please keep us posted on your dad's recovery and stay as possitive as you can and trust me i know its not always easy. Its all mind over matter. Wishing your father a quick recovery and you and your family the strength to help your dad fight this ugly battle.


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Hi Cathy, my father got diagnoised january 2013 with stage 4. All blood work and tumor markers were normal, it was an incidental finding during a visit to his endocronologist for his blood sugar levels. My father isn't a surgical candidate either, the tumor has taken over his left lobe and there are 2 tumors on the right lobe. His onc had put him on gem/ox, we're going to have a scan done after his 4th round (3 more weeks) to see how the chemo has been helping. After the 6th round they're going to see if radiation will be an option. We're hoping and praying that they will just come and say that the tumor has shrunk enough that they'll just do a lobeectomy and we'll be done with this nightmare. Just believe in miracles, they do happen.


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Thank you all for such a warm welcome. I am so lucky to have found a group with so much knowledge, advice and guidance. We are in the process of seeking out multiple opinions. And we know that each person and doctor's  treatments vary but sometimes it helps when you hear possitive feedback. It helps stay possitive. He is getting sensitive to cold and nueropathy in his hands. I'm sure its going to get worse in 3 weeks when they give him the ox again. Thank you all for your responses, they really helped understand and know what to expect!


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Hi Everyone,

On January 21, 2013 my life turned upside down... my father was diagnosied with cancer, but they didn't know if it was hepatocellular carcinoma or cholangiocarcinoma. All lab work is normal...Liver Enzymes, Red blood cells, white blood cells, tumor markers... everything is NORMAL! The only symptom he has is weight loss and we were thinking that it might be from his diabetes. He had gone to his doctor for his blood surger levels because it had gone up a little and he needed to increase his oral meds. His doctor felt his liver and it felt a little large so he sent him for an ultrasound and ultrasound sent him for a CT. CT showed that there was a tumor. His doctor referred us to an oncologist and the oncologist said that it is either HCC or CC and said that we needed a biopsy to confirm. After the biopsy we were told that it was CC, stage 4a. They came up with stage 4a because it has gone from the bile duct to the entire left lobe of the liver and to 2 parts of the right lobe. But what I cannot get my head around is that all his blood work is normal. How can something be stage 4 and have normal white blood cells and normal tumor markers? Yesterday was our first day of chemo. They are giving him Gemzar and Oxaliplatin and next week they are giving him only the Gemzar then he's going to have 2 weeks off and they're going to give it again. They said that they have to give him 3 2 week sessions and get another CT and hope that the tumor has shrunk. If it has shrunk they will give him 3 more session but if it doesn't they will give him another type of chemo.  I'm trying to be as possitive as I can but its just so hard sometimes. Has anyone heard of this combination of chemo?