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Thanks Lainy... Angie felt the same way about you..... and i would defenitly love to joing you guys....I think its hard for my mom to see my dad so druged up and always asleep Angie and i talked about the convesatin she had with you and i have been trying to help my mom understand that it is ok... and that maybe it is better for him to be asleep most of the time that maybe that is the only way he can rest and feel more at ease.... but evene though we do the medicne for the anxiety he continues to get up at night like every two or three hours and this very hard for my mom.... i try to help at times but he wants my mom to do it all for him.... all this is to scary....


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Thanks marions..... it is trully dificult... just this morning as i was leaving to work my dad was up already and very anxious just all over the place i could se by my moms expession that she was worried latelly hes been very restless... hi sits down and with in five minutes or less he's ready to get up... it seems that he is not comfortable anywere any more.... but i am trying to charish every moment with him.... i like to joke and play aroud with him as much as i can and try to get a smile atleast from him.... and again thanks for the support.


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Hello..... Everyone

It is my first time writting on this site although i have been in here several of times reading everyones post and looking for information or answers that could help me and my family through this very rough journey. I was actually inspired  by my sister Angie Mesa to get the courage and write a post. Although it has been a very hard journey i just want to thank my oldest sister Angie for being there for all of our family she has been great support, specialy for my mom and my self who live with dad and have to see him go through this pain day by day... It is very heart breaking to see him suffer this much since he has always been a very storng man. I sometimes wish God would just take him with him and get him out of this miscery and then i feel guilty and scared for thinking this because he one day will not be with us.... It is a very hard time for all of our family but onece again i am  thankfull for my big sis Angie Mesa for givin my mom and I the strenght and guidence through these hard times.