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My Name is Ginger and I am and was a caregiver to my daughter. She was diagnosised with Hepatocellura Choclangiocarcinoma in 2010. She passed away in January 2012. this is not my first experience with this foundation, in my despriation to find help for her I found this site, It has changed and is more informative for patient and caregivers. I had a lot of questions, very few answers. With this web site recently I have found more information to help me learn and understand what took my childs life. This is a good thing for me and others that are in this situation. Now I can move forward and continue to raise her baby, continue to assist in finding a cure or just research on this disease. Thank you! The information I found on this site has help lessen the pain I felt in not knowing what to do, how to help her. and except our loss.