My mother was diagnosed 4 weeks ago with CC Stage 4 as well. She's 85 & is independent & active. She still walks without any assistance, can still do household chores & looks good & healthy for 85. Most people think she's only in her mid to late 60's. We've been to 3 oncologists & they all have the same treatment plan: Gemzar standard dose 800mg 3 weeks on, 1 week off. We were told it's not curable but treatable. One doctor said 3-6 months to live, but with what I've been reading here, a lot of them are stage 4 & were also given months to live but are still here posting after 3+ years. When my mom was told that it's not curable, she does not want chemo at all. She says she will die anyway, why jeopardize the quality of her life of what is left. She wants alternative medicine, but it's not covered by Medicare and she cannot afford it. Our only option right now is chemo and nutritionist provided by the oncologist which are both covered by Medicare.

We've been convincing her to at least try one round of chemo while doing strict diet/nutrition & if she cannot handle the side effects, it will be stopped. What other options do we have that may be out there that we may be missing? I would appreciate any suggestions.