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I was diagnosed with Stage IV Bile Duct (Cholangiocarcinoma) in Jan 2012. I had Chemo (Gemzar, Oxaliplatin) for six months. This combination of chemos decreased the tumor marker in the beginning, but did nor work after that. My oncologist put me on Xeloda in Aug 2012. It worked for a few months and tumor marker went down, but then it stopped having any positive effect, too. The tumor kept on growing. I had radiation to one part of of tumor for about 25 days. It shrunk that part of the tumor but cancer spread to a couple of ribs and some other parts of liver. Now I am looking for an effective Clinical Trial for this disease.
Will Nerium Oleander Extract (NOE) will help me? Looking for any effective treatment.


Bill Lawrence
Germantown, Maryland, USA


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I was diagnosed of stage IV Cholangiocarcinoma ( Bile Duct) in Jan 2012. It spread to liver and a few lymp nodes. I had Chemo (Gemzar and Oxaliplatin) from Feb 2012 thru Aug 2012. In the beginning the tumor marker decreased, but this combination stopped working after Jun 2012. My oncologist put me on the Xeloda. It had some effect for a while, but it, too, stopped working in Dec 2012. I had bad side effects ( low platelets, discoloring of nails, peeling of feet and hand skins, numbness and tingling of fingers and toes, etc). I also had a radiation of one section of liver. During the radition, the cancer invaded a couple of ribs). Now, I am looking for a clinical trial. Can anyone sugest an effective clinical trial.  Thanks for you help.

William Lawrence