I am getting close to 3 years since my surgery with clean reports.   I have been told that the new cancer protocol says for Cholangio you get two years of CT scans and then you are done. Has anyone heard or seen anything different.  Or has your oncologist told you you can have scans every six months for as long as necessary.

Got scan results today and no sign of cancer.  Next scan in three months.

All went well with scan and am feeling confident. Nothing like living my life in    3-month capsules .  Looking good (I am told) and feeling great.

Tomorrow is my first three month scan since surgery.  Unfortunately will not get results until next Tuesday.  Keep me in your prayers.



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PCL1029:   You just hit a nerve. You are absolutely correct. Not many men(including me) comment.  We may read but not respond. And that is too bad.  I am 64 and have intrahepatic CC.  Found thru kidney stone. Had successful resection.  My parents were old school and did not want to share any medical to my sister or me.  Because of that experience I have chosen to be open with my children. They need to know. I do not know what my future holds but I plan to fight.

Treysam:  with such a large family plus church family number of phone calls is tiring.  There are sites available for free to get email system in place where you write the newest info and automatically set to all your list.  Idea to save you time and energy.



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Pat:   No apologies necessary.  We have the big C. Tomorrow I have Reiki Therapy session.  In Syracuse the Y has a program LIVESTRONG for cancer survivors.  Exercise program for free.  Will be signing up and starting June 4th. I feel having a plan is a good thing.

Best of luck.


Huong- my:    I have Intrahepatic cholangiocarcenoma with resection Feb 19th at Cleveland Clinic.  Took complete right lobe(60%) and gallbladder.  Surgery was successful but did have some vascular invasion.   My surgeon was Dr. Aucejo and my wife and I loved him.  Treated me as a person not just a patient. I live in Syracuse,NY and working with local Onc.  CT scan every 3 months and then every 4 months. 

Good advice above.  Prayers go out to you and your dad!!


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Pat:  Oncologist appt today for second opinion.  I live in Syracuse,NY and have heard lots of great info about this group.  De. Scalzo confirmed what I learned at Cleveland Clinic but he had suggestions on how to move forward and what to do if cancer comes back. Found out that it mets still called cholangiocarcenoma and not receptive to chemo.  This group treats the whole person: integrated Oncologist, wellness center, massage, reiki dietician.   I feel very good about appt and my future.



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Pat......  I have Oncologist appt this coming Monday for second opinion in Syracuse,NY.   This group treats the "whole" patient and looking forward to discuss potential options.   I am open to discuss anything that might help me live a long healthy life.


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You have certainly been thru the wringer and back.  You have to be a very strong individual.  Keep fighting and win some battles.


I note a sense of humor still there.   Am sure the darkness appears but your good attitude is helping you.  Many prayers are with you.

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.  Information is critical.  Questions, questions, questions until you feel comfortable.



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I echo how we all feel for you. I am 64 and was (I thought) perfectly healthy last Thanksgiving.  Three months later kidney stone showed liver lesion, diagnosed as liver cancer, surgery Feb 19th.  I will keep you in my prayers.


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Prayers and thoughts are with you and your daughter.  Natural to be nervous/scared. 



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Randi... Going to be tough for thr Orange.   Hopefully they are as tough as us Cancer survivors!!!!

How did you keep going with all the set backs you have had.   You truly are a SURVIVOR.

Keep strong


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Lainy and all....... We live in Syracuse,NY and have appt with local Oncologist for second opinion. This Hem/Oncology group has great reputation and treats whole patient: medical, alternatives, nutrition.  I feel fortunate.   As you mention I am looking for confirmation of what I received at Cleveland Clinic.

Prayers and good thoughts coming your way.


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Looking forward to the support.  Like many I was a healty guy on Thanksgiving and 3 months later had cancer surgery and found out my type is rare 5-10%.  My wife and I are still working to put our minds and hearts around the news.


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I had liver cancer surgery 2.19.13. Removed 60% of liver and gallbladder.  I have intrahepatic cholangiocarcenoma. Chemo not option now as this type cancer not very receptive.