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Hi, I am currently recovering from a whipple operation (March 15 2013).

First of all, let me say thanks to everyone who contributes to this site. I found it really helpful prior to my operation for finding out information about bile duct cancer.

I will try to keep this short!

On December 20 2012, I was admitted to hospital with stomach upset, no pain just an uncomfortable feeling. The doc said that I was jaundiced and we hadn't realised. All tests indicated some kind of liver disorder, with glucose levels high and bilirubin over 100.

My timing could not have been worse, I had to stay in hospital over the xmas period to wait for an ultrasound scan, during this time I got the fundamental blood tests,x-rays, etc and my jaundice went through the roof with a bilirubin count of 200!

Despite all of this I felt fine, and somewhat guilty for occupying a bed that someone else may need.

Anyhow, I got my ultrasound early Jan which indicated sludge in my liver, possible gall stones and a stricture on my common bile duct.

Further tests followed including MRI Scan, 2 CT Scans and the doc recommended an ERCP procedure to fit a stent in the bile duct. The first one of which failed and required that I had to wait a week for a follow up op. Which thankfully worked.

It seems that I baffled everyone and the docs admitted I was beyond their ken and I was then referred to North Manchester Hospital, to the specialist liver team.

Something inside had always told me that there was nothing wrong, I felt fine and I always thought I would get a diagnosis of Autoimmune pancreatitis but I didn't and the specialist said that while I was young and healthy it was better to err on the side of caution rather than represent in a few months and it be too late to do anything.

I was given an uncomfirmed diagnosis of possible cholangiocarcinoma and offered the opportunity for a live saving whipple, which naturally I took and I am blogging my recovery progress here,


If anyone wants to know how a person feels/heals after the op please take a look.

I found a lack of this type of information missing and was determined that I would put it out there!

I hope it helps someone.