My dad is being treated by Dr. Jarnagin at Memorial Sloan Kettering who I believe is Dr. Fong's Boss.

MSK is an amazing hospital and the Liver/Bile Duct team there is outstanding. While I do not know Dr. Fong directly, Dr. Jarnagin is a brilliant well respected  surgeon (Mayo suggested we do the surgery with him rather than at Mayo) and I would be very confident with anyone in his department.  The level of organization, attention to detail and focus on patient care at MSK is truly amazing.   My dad is 13 weeks out of resection surgery and is doing great.   If you decide to come to NY for treatment, please let me know, I am happy to help in any way that I can even if it's just someone to have coffee with (though I can also be helpful with the nurses on the liver floor, we're tight)

For what its worth, I would suggest using a surgeon as close to home as reasonably possible.  This surgery is tough and requires a great deal of follow up even with great outcomes.  That being said, finding a doctor who is GREAT and who you feel comfortable with is paramount.

I wish you the best in the long and difficult journey.

More good news! My dad should be getting out of the hospital on Sunday/Monday.  Recover from the surgery was much more difficult than any of us expected.  Having said that, he is nearly back to full strength and will be walking out the door on his own two feet!

I'm hoping to write up a more extensive summary of his recovery to help inform and educate others about this surgery.  I may just be naive, but we had no idea how this was going to effect him and were surprised and scared at first.  I know I would have appreciated a 1st/2nd hand account ahead of time so that i could better understood the recovery process.

Success!  My dad made it out of surgery yesterday after a long 6 hours.  Dr. Jarnagin was very pleased with the surgery and we are all happy to have the first part of this journey done with. 

Here's to a successful recovery!

On March 4th, my dad was diagnosed with Hilar Cholangiocarinoma at Westchester Medical Center where they placed a plastic stent in the bile duct. After a long month of second, third and fourth opinions (Mayo, Columbia, Montefiore), my dad went in for surgery at 8:00am today with Dr. Jarnagin at MSKCC.  We are very confident with Dr. Jarnagin and are hoping for the best. 

This website has been invaluable for my family and me to get information about this difficult disease.  I will be sure to update with good news.