Deborah, My Mominlaw lived next door for the past 17 years. Mama jean was a definite speed bump in my life. In her prime, she was 5'5 and hovered close to 180, most of it in muscle. A medium sized locomotive, that loved dancing and baked a mean babka. A wonderful cook who refused to divulge the "whole" recipe. She had untreated, explosive blood pressure, occasionally she would blow like Mt.Visuvious. In this last year (her 95th) she began to fail, first with confusion and loss of short trem. Swallowing became a big problem. She fought each loss, then gradually she accepted her new infirmaries. Luckily she wasn't afraid or angry, even though she forgot who we were occasionally. Spent the last 6 mths on vanilla ice cream & assure shakes. Dropped weight to about 90 lbs. It was her time, we got hospice assistance and they helped alot. My wife said her goodbyes. Jean passed that evening, in her sleep. Those that are blessed get to go that way. Try to focus on their journey, you can be sad and unhappy after. This is their time. Do exraordinary things to help them savor the time they have left. If they are discomfited by medical proceedures, you need to intercede in their behalf. Make certain that all procedures & medications, that are not absolutely needed, are stopped. Ask a head nurse to help in the determination. Massage their feet, wash the brow, brush their hair. Let them know that though you love and will miss them, you will be o.k.. If you do this part right, you will be all right, and so will she.


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Hello, this will be brief. Diagnosed Jan 2012, 60% liver resection, in March 2012. Still wakin up in the morning. Minor issues with abdominal stuff, but mostly discomfort. Using med marij for pain, in 400 mg caps. Way better than perco or oxy. Other than the munchies, I don't see any side effects. Just wanted to introduce myself. Workin hard to not be defined by the diagnosis. Trying to make every day count. Sorting my life, makin amends, gettig rid of useless baggage      .......lee