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Hello everyone,

It's been a little while since I posted,
Just a little background on my dad ; he was diagnosed with extrahepatic cc back in late march 2013 , had Whipple surgery May 6.   Recovery was hard the first few weeks after surgery but my dad is doing a little better every day , he no longer uses a cane to walk around and his incision has healed very well. lost 10 pounds after surgery but he is not losing weight , his appetite is coming back again . I though since he had type 2 diabetes that healing was going to be slow but he healed very fast, no complications as of yet. ( Fingers crossed)
We saw the oncologist about 2.5 weeks ago and my dad's cc is Stage 1 , 10 lymph nodes taken out and one came back abnormal.

The bad news oncologist told us it that pathology revealed NeuroEndocrine cancer/tumor was found in the abnormal lymph node. They are very surprised and did not expect this , they dont know where it came from .

Once again we are going through this , he just came out of surgery not so long ago and now this?!!
I'm very , very sad I feel horrible that my dad is going through so much . My dad hasn't really said much about this , all he says is that if that is what God wants then he is ok with it . I feel in a way that he wants to give up and that breaks my heart ( or whatever little I have left , since it has been broken ever since first diagnoses) ;(   
I work in a medical office and the specialist I work with told me that that seems very strange and that I should send pathology slides for second opinion which I already did.   We sent them to the Mayo clinic 1.5 weeks ago , the nurse from my dad's pcp told me today that Mayo already received them but now they are requesting more records/reports and slides. I don't know if we should take that as good news or bad, maybe they don't see anything? I pray to God that they say he is clean !!
My dad is scheduled to get a Brain MRI, PET scan and abdominal ct scan these next few days to see if they see any spread .  I just don't understand why they didn't see this before.

I will keep everyone updated.

Thanks for listening


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Does that mean his cancer is spreading to other parts ? I'm, very confused about all this.

Yes we need to wait to see what the onc says, but will stay positive


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Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update on my dad:

Tomorrow he is 14 days post op from Whipple surgery, He is healing very well , is getting stronger despite having diabetes , his appetite is not what it used to be , he seems to get full after a few bites but he eats every few hours, He walks a little faster and has a little pain from incision but over all he is doing well. Hopefully he gains weight back because he looks very skinny , I hate to see him like that
He saw the surgeon/ oncologist  last Friday and he said everything is going very well and is surprised on how well my dad is doing. My sister went with my dad that day , my sis said that the surgeon said something about the pathology coming back and had about 10 lymph nodes removed and one was abnormal  and that he should get that checked out, which he now has an appointment in 2 weeks with the Onc.
So can anyone tell me what does abnormal lymph node mean? I am starting to think what if it spread somewhere else?  I know I have to think positive  hmm The surgeon had said his tumor/cancer had not spread , so now I'm confused ,   yes I'm starting to worry again


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My dad is 5 days post op today from having the Whipple surgery.  He gets a little better each day, gets tired often. He is still in Intensive care, but will be moved to a different floor today. I met with his surgeon yesterday and he said everything seems to be going smoothly and my dad is doing great. He is waiting on the pathology results.
My dad has been walking around the hallway 2-3 times a day for the past two days, and last night he was allowed to eat. Dr said that he will go home sometime next week.

Again thank you to everyone that has given me advice, I really appreciate it.

randigb , I will speak with my dad's onc aout the chemo , I'm very glad you are doing well wink


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Hello everybody,

I just want to say that I am grateful that I found this online board, I have been reading for a few weeks now and I have learned so much. Thank you to everyone that has replied to me .
Today is day two post op for my dad and he really can't talk , he says his throat hurts bad but I'm sure it's from the tube they put on his throat during surgery, nurse has given him lozenges which help a little. He also complains that his stomach hurts but it is being contolled with pain medication. The one thing he really hates is the catherer which he says is very painful, but overall his vitals are good and he says he feels a little better. The nurse said that today he might leave intensive care since he is doing so well. He is already sitting up in the chair now and will start to walk a bit.
My dad has gone through so much and recovery will be a while and I worry that the cancer will come back. I pray to God it doesn't , I will remain positive.
Thank you for listening.


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Hello again,
I posted a few days ago regarding my dad , he was diagnosed with CC this past March, you can see my first post on( Introductions) section.
I want to thank everyone for their advice and kind words.
My dad was taken into surgery yesterday morning , surgeon told us that he taught it was resectable and if it had spread to other parts he would not proceed with surgery. I walked with my dad as he was wheeled to the OR floor , I felt like I was going to faint , i held back my tears as much as I could. We were waiting in waiting area and two hours later nurse informed us that the Dr will proceed with surgery. Dad had the whipple surgery and was in OR from 11 Am until 8 pm. Surgeon told us that he had done biopsy while doing surgery and the cancer had not spread .
We got to see my dad after he was transferred to Intensive care, he was very groggy because of all the anesthesia but the surgery went well and his vitals are pretty good. I am very thankful to GOD because he heard our prayers, now I pray that my dad does not have any complications because this was a huge surgery.

Thank you Lainy for replying,

Yes I feel crushed ever since I found out about this cancer inside of my dad, I still have hopes that the day of surgery the Dr. comes up to me and says they made a mistake and it's not cancer and he will be fine. ;/
Your husband seemed like a fighter and I'm very sorry for your loss.

My dad is being treated at Angelo P. Creticos, Cancer Center in Chicago , Will be having surgery at Advocate Illinois Medical Center with Dr. Ajay V. Maker  he is the director of Surgical Oncology

Hello everyone,

As I'm typing this I can't stop crying. I been crying everyday ever since my dad was diagnosed with extrahepatic CC which was in  mid March 2013.

Around January/Feb of 2013 we noticed he was losing some weight and he was not sleeping , just few minutes here and there. He went to see his PCP a few times and was just told it was all related to diabetes , had some labs done and was given sleep medication which did not work at all. Following his glucose/sugar readings where going higher and higher 300's. He was always just laying on his bed , started to look depressed and very pale. I kept on telling him we should go to hospital which he refused to , March 12  went to see his PCP for same issue of not sleeping  and actually saw a different dr since he was not available.
The Dr looked at him and immediately noticed how pale his skin was yellowish and by then my had some yellowish color in the eyes . She told my dad that labs done a week ago where very bad . Biliruben was high and  she sent him to the hospital to ultrasound done.  Hospital did US, CT scan and and ERCP with stent placement .Later that night was diagnosed with a mass.

Fast forward a week later dad went to see oncologist for first time  , told my dad he had CC but  is confident that it can be resected. Told him he will need major surgery to remove the tumor and also do a liver resection. The Whipple surgery is what is called.
Later in the visit  dad wasn't feeling well at all, Oncologist noticed my dad was very dizzy and couldn't keep his balance and admitted him to the hospital. Turn out my dad was bleeding from the inside  ( Maybe from ERCP, when they did brush biopsy )and was losing blood.  blood pressure was very low , sugars in the 600s!  He had a blood transfusion twice and was in Intensive care for 2 days , total 6 days in hospital. I thought I was going to lose him that weekend. I feel like I been living a nightmare.
After coming back home we met with oncologist in April and told my dad he needed to gain some weight and bring up his nutrition levels for surgery.  He was instructed a high protein diet and insulin shots. I was scared that if we wait too long for surgery this tumor might spread we had no choice since dad was weak and would not make it if he had surgery that time.
My dad slowly went back to his old self after the ercp he is now able to sleep , slept like a baby and his diabetes is better controlled , and went from 140 lbs to 155 lbs .
May 3 -  Dad went to see oncologist and has been cleared for surgery which is this Monday May 6 , 2013. The Dr said gave us a 60-80% that it can be taken out and the day of surgery they first need to see if it did not spread and if it did no surgery will be performed.
I am very scared , nervous, I love my dad so much ; he is only 59 yrs old , every time I see him I just breakdown inside, I never cried in front of him because I have to be strong for him but as soon as I come home I just break down, I wake up crying, as I drive to/from work I cry , sleep crying , I have become depressed because I can't handle this . It been a hard month and a half and I feel like I am being affected more by the news than my dad . He seems calm and happy and says that if God wants to take him, he is ready
The only person that has seen me at my worst is my Husband , he has been my rock and I just love him so much . My whole family is very worried , my mom is being strong for him too, they been married 30 years.
Please , PLEASE keep my dad in your prayers, I will keep everyone updated and sorry for the long post.