Hi All,
We got the protocol from my Dad's oncologist.

Gemcitabine for 12 weeks, 3 weeks on 1 off and then 28 days radiation.

Does that sound about right? 

They also told him it would only increase his rate from a 50/50% chance by 10-15%, so giving him a 65% r.

The Cancer roller coaster continues and it sucks!

Thanks so much! Chris

Thanks for the information! Truly appreciate any and all!

Hi all..sorry so long to write!  It's been quite the road for my dad but he is hanging in there.  My dad ended up having a leak at one of the reconnection  sites sad  but  just yesterday got his drain out after 7 weeks in.  Now just hoping for no infection again.  He is getting stronger every day! With the drain now out, he is going to get a bit stronger and ready for the next phase. Chemo!
I was just wondering if any of you chemo experts had any opinions or thoughts about certain protocols. He has yet to sit down and meet with the oncologist but any info, thoughts, input is greatly appreciated. Again, really appreciate all your excellent information, well wishes, thoughts etc.  Cancer just sucks! Also, Just one other question...can anyone in RI or MA recommend a great oncologist who specializes in CC.  Just gathering some opinions.....Thanks so much!
Thanks, Chris

Hi, Unfortunately my dad has had a complication. He is back in the hospital with an infection.  Abdominal absess! He is currently on triple antibiotics and they put the drain back in. He is really bummed about this.  I am trying to say it's a bump in the road which I hope it is.... but morale is low, so any positive input appreciated. Thanks os much! Chris

Hi Letty,
Hang in there and stay strong!  Never give up the hope and stay positive. My Dad had the whipple last week on Monday... So far so good. He was in for 8 hours, it's been a long week but doing really well so far. Day by day!  I have noticed the best thing for my dad is having us by his side.  Your dad will be in my prayers!  Chris

Hello again friends,

Thanks again for all the kind words. So far so good on the surgery for my dad.  Tomorrow will be a week post op.  We hope him to be home by the end of the week. Just in time for his 70th birthday... God willing!  I still can't believe how things progressed so fast.  They have him up walking 4 times a day right after, amazing. There have been very few hiccups, so we are considering ourselves very lucky. He is being a trooper. So proud of him!  The big day was when he had a poop. smile I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on diet post op or any other helpful information once he is home.  Still taking it day by day.... Thanks so much! Chris

Hi Friends,

Just wanted to give you an update. My dad had the whipple yesterday. After almost 8 hours, he was out and the good news was all went smoothly. No surprises!  They got clean margins on the first cut. Now we are in the recovery phase. They already had him up walking today. Crazy!  Just praying all continues to go just as well and no complications.  Thanks for all the amazing support and kind words! So appreciated! Best Chris

Thank you so much Willow, Randi and Lainy,
Truly appreciate you getting back to me.. and your words!

My Dad is Alan C, he just joined today as well and posted on my reply...see above!

He is scheduled at Brigham and Woman's in Boston with Dr. Swanson, who is quite experienced with the Whipple...

Thanks again for any and all information, thoughts, prayers, ideas...everything!
We are just so afraid of the unknown!

Hello All,

My dad is 69, and has been having some health issues, after about a month of tests. They found a 2 mm stricture on the distal end of his common bile duct. The biopsy came back inconclusive, and they are recommending the Whipple surgery, which is scheduled for this Saturday. My dad is freaking out and now is questioning the surgery, more scared of the surgery and recovery from it than the cancer itself.  We are all scared!

Could you offer any advice or support for us? We want him to be hopeful and fight.
He said he has been doing research and doesn't find many positive outcomes....  Any would be appreciated.   Thanks so much!! Chris