Interesting questions.  I am responding about my 66 year old dad
1. High Blood Pressure
2. med for High blood pressure; had to get physicals yearly for his job and there was never an issue with anything else
3. played golf, worked
4. no special diet; he did smoke and drank alcohol
5. no inflammation
6. no cancer in the family at all


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My father died of cholangiocarcinoma.  Should I have my liver enzymes drawn yearly?  Should I stop drinking my glass or two of wine a day?

I am so paranoid.


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Another thing....make sure you have a power of attorney set up.  My dad had made me power of attorney so when he got really ill at the end, I could take care of things and access his funds to pay bills or what have you.

Make sure your executor knows what to expect when you pass.  Sometimes you don't know what to you have cds, life ins through work? 

Make sure your executor  or power of attorney knows about how much you think you have.   That helps them plan for bills and or what to look for.  Am I looking for 500 dollars or 50000?  Do you have bills or loans that need payment.

Make sure your power of attorney /executor is working for you.  That is the person that will make sure you get what you need.  I had to tell my dad's "girlfriend" that she wasn't getting any more money.  Didn't mind that but you need someone that will make sure you get what you need first.

Also-if you are power of attorney and then they die, all access to accounts stop.  I had to wait until the will went to probate to deal with any financial stuff. 

Be prepared....


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I am so sorry.  My dad passed away 2 years ago from this.  Your story makes me cry.

My heart goes out to you and your family.


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Hi Sharon-

Once my dad started getting ascites it wasn't very long before he passed.  My thoughts are with you.


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Has anyone gotten any results from immunotherapy?  I know Keytruda is working well for some cancers.


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Hi.  I know this is devastating news.  My dad lived 1 yr after his diagnosis but everyone is different and there are new therapies every day.

I know the doctors were going back and forth about whether it was leukemia or not....I think I am going to request his medical records.

Hi All-

My father passed away from cholangiocarcinoma 2 yrs ago.  He also was diagnosed with myeloproliferative disorder at the same time.   I have been trying to research but cannot find out much about both occurring at the same time.  Has anyone ever heard of this?

There was a discussion to whether or not the cholangiocarcinoma was causing signs of myeloproliferative disorder or whether or not he had both.

I hate how it made my dad feel like a failure and was putting his family through this.

I hate how horrible it made my dad feel.

I hate how my dad didn't get to see how his only grandchild (girl) will grow up.

I hate how it questions me...."can I have a glass of wine tonight or will I get cancer".

I hate how it makes me want to have a glass of wine a night. smile

I didn't know where to post this so I thought here would be the best.

At the end of my dad's fight with this horrible cancer, he was vomiting bile all of the time.  Is this a normal for the ending of this cancer?

Also my dad was diagnosed with Myleoprolific Disease.  Has anyone had this with this cancer?


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Your post moves me.  I am reminded of my dad passing away from this horrible cancer.

NOBODY should have to go through this but we play the hand we are dealt.

My thoughts are with you.

Your courage is admirable.  You are a pillar of strength to us all.


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My dad was treated at Mayo.  Palliative care means they don't think they can cure the cancer.  That is what they think or have experienced.

The doctors told my dad that he would have 6 month without chemo and 1 yr with chemo.  He did have to get his stent replaced about every 2-3 months and he did not have surgery.  They were correct with his diagnosis although they could not really determine if he had leukemia also...I guess in the end they decided he did also have chemo.

My dad had mets to the omentum.  That was not good at all.  They will probably start with gem/cis.


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I don't understand why any new cancer treatment coming out isn't tried for cholangiocarcinoma.

It makes me so mad.  My dad has been gone a year after this horrible cancer and it would have been his 68th birthday this month.  I am so bitter about this.

Go to

they have studies that are ongoing


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They didn't even discuss surgery with my dad and there are people on the site that seem they were about the same as him and they had surgery.

I don't know how they decide.

This just makes me angry.


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My dad passed away in April of 2014 went through 6 months of chemo.  My husband's dad had bladder cancer in Apr of 2013 never went through chemo, has a neobladder, and continuously has issues.  He just lays around doesn't listen to when we say to go to the doctor and supposedly is cancer free.

I am at odds.  My dad would have given anything to be alive but he is just what I call sucking the life out of me.  He is not greatful....doesn't listen...and gets no cancer??? 

I am so upset it is so unfair.

My husband and his sister are all about him....seeing him and trying to help.  I am so resentful.


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Toward the end my dad was like that.  He would vomit all of the time but couldn't eat.  The anti nausea meds did not help....he would vomit bile.  He would get exhausted really fast but couldn't sleep.


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My father had results after 3 months after gem/cis.  HIs tumors had shrunk at that time.


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I think it depends on how long it was since she had it drained and how her vitals are.  My dad had ascites and had it drained weekly until the end.  At the end he had it drained then died 3 days later.  He was vomiting a lot and could not eat.


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Hi Sam

My dad was in the same place.  He was diagnosed and was told 6 months with and 1 year with chemo.  Sadly he passed away this year...1 year after diagnosis.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.


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I think that is too early to see any effect.  My dad had his first CT scan after treatment at 3 months.  His ended up shrinking but he never had an ultrasound done.

My dad did gem/cis treatment.  It gave him a year.  He was diagnosed at stage IV.

He tolerated the chemo very well.