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My wife has been on the two weeks on, one week off regiment since February 20th, 2013.  The side effects are what makes her want to stop.  Neuropathy is so painful/"buggy."  The doctor states that she is not so bad yet as she can still button up her buttons.  The tumor is still shrinking but she is not a resection candidate because of the location by the portal vein.  She is a tough bird, but at some point, you just want to stop.  As long as it is shrinking, and you can handle the Gem/cisplatin, why not keep going?  Hopefully you can get to resection to extend time.  Keep on keepin' on!


My name is Sam and was raised in Los Altos.  Sorry to hear about your wife and will keep her in my prayers.  My wife also has CC since February 14th.  She has been on Gem/cisplatin on the two weeks on and one week off since then. (She just missed one series because her white counts were too low.  The Cisplatin is tough on her tumor but hard on her too.)   Her tumor was Football size and has shrunk to half that size.  Another person we have met during this journey, Kevin,  just had a resection of his tumor that started out grapefruit size and shrunk with the Cis/Gem regiment. He started on 11/11/11.  Both were told that the tumor was too big to operate on but his shrunk small enough to have surgery and that is what I am hoping for my wife.  It seems like shrinkage is the best word you will find on this site and hopefully your wife's tumors will shrink to the point that she is a resection candidate.  You are both in for a rocky road but there is hope and keep on keepin on!

Great news Dorian,  keep on keepin' on!  Shrinkage = woop woop!

Marilyn's tumor was the size of a football and now is the size of a grapefruit.  Her four months to live has turned into at least 14 months and we might be able to resect if we can get it down to a golf ball size.  Richard started with a grapefruit and it shrunk and just had surgery and it went well and his outlook has been extended.  The point is to never give up.  I don't know what "in the lungs" means, but he is fighting, so you keep fighting too.

Thank everyone for your kind words.  It is an interesting phenomenom to write on these boards.  I thought I was past being emotional.  It is so sad that people are having to deal with cancer.  Not just the people with cancer but their spouses and family, friends etc.  We need to be supportive of our spouse while handling a million questions of "how is your wife doing?" and "my cousin's friend's uncle ate this star fruit from madagascar and it cured him so...."  It is good to have a release from people that really understand what is going on.  Insurance, schedule, pain management, trying to say the right thing, all while finding the right balance of access for my wife that was the nurse for an OB/GYN for 28 years (70x3x52x28), 12 siblings on her side and 9 on mine, not to mention 200 church members has been a challenge.  It was good and tough to here from Dorien here in Utah.  I will try and be as positive as possible as I post, as this is a real factor in a cure!
Best wishes to all!

This is my first post and I am sorry both you and your husband have to travel this path.  My wife was first diagnosed on Feb. 13, 2013.  Her Tumor was 15.9 cm x 9 x 8.  She started Cisplatin/Gemzar and her tumor is now 6.9 x 5.9 x 5.4.  She is a fighter and this seems like good news.  At one of her last sessions, she met Kevin who had a large tumor on 11/11/11 and started Cis/Gem.  He is going in for surgery today.  His tumor started out the size of a grapefruit and the Chemo cut it in half also.  As resection or transplant seem to be the only chance of extending life past 2 years, I am hoping his surgery goes well and my wife's tumor continues to shrink.  Hang in there and lets hope your husband's treatment can also beat up the tumor!