The cancer was removed(said the doctor..),but i hope it didn't move to the pancreas.. We are scheduled tomorrow to see another oncologist and probably we will have another MRI test and we will find if another surgery can be done.The fear that i have is that delay between surgery and chemo.For us it took 3 months for pancreas to heal,something that is worrying but all doctors said that is normal.. my dad had an 7 hour surgery and it was so neccesary because the stent didn't work,neither the biliary anastomosis and because of this, doctors considered we can't wait for pancreas to heal(his bilirubin level didn't seem to reduce..)  thanks for advice and like PCL said we will go to see another GI.I will come back with news.
Thanks for your help!


It's about my dad who firstly had an ERCP and after that,he developed a necrotic pancreatis.He was scheduled for Whipple but because of pancreatitis the surgeon decided not to extirpate the head of the pancreas and it was like whipple but without the head of the pancreas.This happened in january.We waited until the mid of april to heal the pancreatitis,it was a peripancreatic liquid that was drained and we had to wait until it was no liquid.Probably next week we will start chemo,but i don't know.. some oncologists says that it is no problem with pancreatitis,others says that it may be a problem and i don't know.. Is there anyone who had the same story..? And i have one more question,this delay between the surgery and chemo,aproximately 3-4 months can reduce the chance of cure..?