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My husband gets tapped for roughly 5L every five days. Every dr we have spoken to has said a catheter or anything else is too risky for infection. We have gone to ER once, after a drain, infection. Nothing serious. One point to mention, we've recently started acupuncture and he is MUCH more comfortable.  Food luck!!!


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Hi all,  my husband has stage 4 cc and has lost all of his muscle and a lot of weight. He can handle all of this but he is cery uncomfortable with the ascites. He gets 4.5-5 L drained every  5 days. The ascites makes it difficult to sleep, to walk, and  to eat.  Anyone else dealing with ascites, have any tips?  We would very much appreciate any thoughts or tips!  Thank you!


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Hi Carrie,
Welcome, although I have only recently been welcomed myself to this community. My 47 year old husband, father of three, was diagnosed with icc on Aprill22 of this year. Our oncologist immediately sent us to Mayo in Rochester .  We've been there twice. Our first visit was to confirm diagnosis and second visit (this past week) was to do therasphere (targeted radiation). My husband was symptomless other than a pain in abdomen.  Since our first Mayo trip and the trip this past week (3 weeks about) the tumor has become aggressive. He is distended with fluid in his abdomen (drained twice and again tomorrow) and this will continue. He was not a candidate for surgery. sad.  He has lost a lot of muscle tone and is so very tired.

So we are living with this, one day at a time and a lot of prayer. A LOT! 

Thanks, Christine


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Good Morning,
I'm Christine and my husband was diagnosed with CC on 4/22.  Completely devastating as he is so very healthy otherwise and always hyper vigilant with his health. We feel blindsided with this diagnosis as we weren't really given a chance to discover it sooner, it presented with upper right stomach pain only after it had basically engulfed his liver.

Anyway, we just spent a week in Rochester,MN at Mayo. What an amazing place. Unfortunately, he is not a liver transplant candidate. Our course of treatment is going to be Therasphere and then chemo. We will be going back to Mayo for this treatment. Does anyone have experience with this?  He has already had his mapping angiogram.

Another question I have is that although we haven't started treatment, he is extremely tired and sleeps a lot. I expect this after treatment but is this also just a sign of this hateful disease?  We have three kids and this just isn't their daddy. sad.

Ok, thanks...nice to "meet" all of you