That sounds hopeful that there really is a chance for a liver transplant with cholangial carcinoma. Did you also have a diagnosis of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis with ducts in the liver not functioning?

Carl, I can appreciate what your wife, you and your family are going through. I too will start my second series of Gem and Cis this Tuesday, May 21. I am having a port put in to help with the comfort and convenience of the infusions and blood tests. My daughter, who is an RN, suggested it from the beginning. This should cut down on the damage that can be caused to the veins by the harsh chemo drugs. The medicine given to cut down on nausea really worked for me. It is definitely a blessing to have a large caring family and friends praying and caring about you. It is truly a journey that is made easier by all that support. Keep up the positive attitide and best to your wife, you and your family.