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I'm so sorry for the loss of your mom. I do hope that your faith will give you strength. My heart breaks for you as I am going through the same journey with my mom. How do we let go or even understand life without our mom?! I can hardly bare the thought. I hope that you feel her all around you. You are in my thoughts and prayers

I just want to let you know you and your family are in my prayers! I hope your husband can be around a long time for you and your children. Stay strong !

Hi Gavin! So nice to hear from you! My mom is on GEM for chemo and she seems itchy where the rash is as well as her leg which does not have a rash. Yes my mom does have a metal stent and I have not noticed any signs of her being jaundice. As for what's going in her head I wish I knew! She seems to be fading away slowly ! Is that what is was like with your dad? And now your caring for your mom? You are a great son helping both your parents and all of us here! God bless you Gavin

My mom received chemo last week (gem) and this week broke out with a rash on her chest an has been a little itchy , I thought it was shingles but no blisters . I'm thinking it could be a side effect from chemo. I would definitely ask your onc. My mom is also very lethargic fuzzy in the head. I hope you are ok!

My mom is 81 she was diagnosed w bile duct cancer in jan. she started chemo last week. She also has dimentia . This week I noticed a rash on her chest , thought it was shingles but blisters never surfaced, she has been a little itchy, which I have used calydryl for. This morning I heard my dog crying only to find mom with a loaded clothes basket in my driveway she told me she was going home. I got her to come back inside . I'm so mentally drained. I work full time have 2 small children and I'm trying so hard to keep her safe and happy. She barely eats has lost 50lbs , stares blankly , I don't know hat she is thinking about . I don't even know what I'm getting at with this post, just reaching out to anyone who has had similar experience. I'm taking her to onc tomorrow morning maybe he can tell me if something more is going on. I don't know any of you but I read a lot of posts here. I feel like we r a part of a family , I'm so glad I found this site! Blessings to all of us!


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Hi lainy! My mom is 81 yrs young, she has extrahepatic bile duct cancer in late march dr. Yeo at Jefferson hospital , Philadelphia informed us that due to her dimentia,  weakness as well as the tumor being well on the outside of the duct he would not recommend surgery . chemo or radiation would do nothing for her except make her weaker. He advised us to take her home and enjoy the time we so have which he believes is less than a year. Since march she has been on the hospital with plural effusion and then bece jaundice about 3weeks ago . A new metal stent was put in and I was informed that the tumor had grown, that is when the constant back pain started for which she is taking hydrocodone 3x a day. She refused to let hospice in. However if she can't get chemo this week ( Gem) then her onc said she would need to have hospice. The thought of putting her somewhere other than home breaks my heart but I want her to get the best care which I'm afraid I can't provide due to my children and work schedule . I think you are def. right in advising other meds for anxiety something to take the edge off. Lainy you are a Godsend to me and I'm sure many others I've been following your posts ....you are a special person with a huge purpose !


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By the way my name is Terri


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My mom was diagnosed in jan 2013 with cc since then we have exhausted all options. She is now on her second stent and her onc said if her levels are good this week we can start chemo. I am on the fence with doing chemo since the last surgeon we saw said not to do anything because she was so weak and at the time she had shingles . I am struggling taking care of her at home . I work full time and have a 7yr old and a 4yr old my mom has been aggressive lately , wants to go to her apartment . I'm thinking the aggressive behavior is caused by the severe back pain from the tumor and dimentia on top of it. My sisters promised they would help but they seem to have abandoned me . I'm trying to keep my calm with the situation but my moms mood swings have been scaring my little girl (7) she cries when grand mom is upset . I don't know what I'm doing right or wrong , this is so heartbreaking and trying at the same time . Anyone else have a similar experience?