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Hi to all again..

We had a first talk with our dad about the new doctor that thinks that an operation is possible, he is still negative at the momet because all other doctors have said no..and we totally understand him and we fear so much and dont know what is the best decision to take. We went through the ''surgery'' procedure that ended in vain and 42 days later we are again at zero point.. so we just try to get him do the new MRCP and MRI and see how things can go...we are also seeing an oncologist on Monday.

Bonnie, dad has it inside the liver at the connection of the right and the left duct- normally this connection is at the gates of the liver but in dad's case deep inside the liver. Regarding chemo this is what we also have heard from the doctors, that it does not help and secondly that they will not proceed with a chemo without having a biopsy with positive result of cancern.

As already have told dad is in a perfect health condition, with no pain at all and actualy have gained a little weight lately...is it possible that this lasts for a long time? is there a specific period that the symptoms and pain starts? Has any one been placed ''pig tail'' stents? how ofter did you replace them?

Another very good point is that dad is in a very good mood, very optimistic and often says that he has nothing . .he is well aware of the situation from the beggining, he has been informed for everything except the ''time''that doctors have given to us. He has asked us many times though if doctors have given  ''time'' and we told him no, that depends on each person, it can be from months to many years. First of all we dont believe that doctors know when the end will come, i have heard stories of people given 3 months from doctors and lived for 20 years.. secondly since he is feeling good and is in a good mood we dont want to tell him somehting that will make him depress. Do you think that he has the right to know this information?


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Hi to everyone again..thank you very much for your prompt response!
These questions if the doctors were actually expereinced on cc, if they did the best they could do and so on are ''eating'' us all these three months that we are fighting with cc. Supposedly they were and are the best doctors here in Greece concerning liver and cc situations. As already have said we are still seeing more doctors..a few days ago we found out for a similar case of ours with a patient that proceeded with a surgery that in the end didnt happen as doctors decided that it could not be operated during the surgery (so they just opened and closed the patient). This patient went to another doctor who finally did the surgery, the surgery went well and till now he is ok. So today we went to see this doctor who said that he thinks that he can do this surgery and take the cc out of our dad, all he asked was to repeat the MRCP and MRI to see if things are the same as the last exams, of course he mentioned that this surgery if it will be able to take place will be very difficult with high risk but we should take this risk in order to save our dad.
So now we need to talk again with our dad to see if he is willing to proceed with new exams and a possible new surgery (as he is tired and trusts the first doctor that did not do the surgery)- really hope that we can actually find a solution!!
I have to add that our dad is at the time being in a very good health condition .

As to the questions you made, our father is 67 years old, we have already visited Mister Nomikos but unfortunately told us that there is nothing we can do , yes we are willing to see doctors in other countries if this will help to save our dad.

Regarding other treatments all doctors said that will not help in this case, only surgery would be the solution.

Also the doctor told me today that we could also use the Spy Glass method so as to have more accurate biopsy , has anyone did this? any comments?

Thank you all so muchfor yor support, i really hope the best to all of you...


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Hi everyone ,
First of all let us introduce ourselves.
We are four from Greece Eleni,Dimitris ,Evi ,Elpiniki. At 23th March our dad, age 67 was diagnosed after examinations due to the following symptoms (jaundice,itching,loose weight) with the intrahepatic cc.
At 26th of March we went to the hospital of Athens and they did all the necessary examination such as MRI,MRCP,blood test,MRA and a Pet Scan.
Doctor said that it's very difficult case and we had little chance.Finally on 12 of April they proceed on surgery.The doctor said that it would be a huge surgery that it could last even 10 hours. After two hours he came out and told us that they didn't find what they expected as they thought that it was at the gate of the liver but it was inside it.They didn't find spread anywhere in the liver or in the bell duct or just only they mentions that the liver was hard,So they decided to remove the bell one expanded lymph node and one piece of the liver which they took for biopsy and all found negative for cancer malignancy.
Finally the doctor said that is nothing that it could be done because it was inside the liver and it concerned both of hepatic ducts and also chemotherapy could not help him at all for this specific case.On the 24th of April he did the ERCP and they put a stent.The results of the ERCP with brushing was negative but as they told us brushing biopsy is not an accurate method.
After four days he had several fever after that he is on "ciproxin" antibiotic and a "ursofalk".
We went to a several doctors and they all said that it can not be operating and is no use of any chemo or any other therapy.
We are still seeing other doctors as we are trying to find what is best for him.
Anything you may have to suggest for doctors,therapy's or anything else that you know for your experience will help us as we believe that you are doing a great job with this.

Thank you,