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Hey everyone, I wanna say thanks in advance for any responses!

My mom was diagnosed with this disease around March. Since then she has been on gem/cis for around 9 rounds. Within that time we have taken 4 CT scans which showed growth of tumor in her liver from 1st and 2nd scan, but shrinkage from 2nd and 3rd scan. The 4th scan showed little growth from the 3rd scan so our doctor took her off of it. Now she is on FOLFIRINOX if I remember correctly and has had 2 rounds to date.

Because the tumor is pressing on her liver she has trouble eating which is causing her to lose a lot of weight. I am pretty sure her lack of eating is what caused the chemo to not be as effective.

I was wondering what you all had success with. Thanks again


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Hello everyone,
My name is Josh Lee. My mom was diagnosed with bile duct cancer around 3 months ago. She was told that she would have 3-6 months to live without chemo. She's gone through 3-4 sessions of chemo so far and is doing better on the outside. Her tumor in her liver shrank a little bit so I am hoping that the chemo is doing her good. She is taking cisplatin and gemzar. I am really happy to have found this community to share and learn more about the disease and how to make my mom better. Thanks in advance for any advice and encouragement!

-Josh Lee