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Hello to everyone!

Thank you for the advices and welcoming!!

Unfortunatelly i cannot say that our sittuation is getting much better and it is not because of the disease for which i was aware of the gravity, but the romanian medical system.

The biopsy came with a diagnosis of HCC (HEPATOCARCINOM), stage III not CC as we were informed after tomografy and transplant consultation. The oncologist treating my dad did not explain which is the difference between HCC and CC. I got informed from the internet, but it's still not clear if this is better or worst than the initial diagnostic. In any case the treatment recomended is Chemo for which we made a request file. The file will hopefully be approved at the end of July and my dad can start the treatment in August (for free). The problem is...when we asked the doctor if we can buy the chemo until Aug she said she cannot answer to such question. She did not mention any other treatment or pills meanwhile we wait for the chemo....I really don't like this sittuation. The romanian doctors gave us very little info and i think the only solution now is to adress to a private hospital. I'm trying to contact institutes for Wienna and Bologna and until i receive an aswer get a consultation in a private romanian hospital. It's impossible to just sit and wait...

Lots of health to all!



(9 replies, posted in Introductions!)

Hello to everyone,

My name is Andra, i am from Romania and just 10 days ago my dad, aged 58, has been diagnosed with CC and a tumour of 10x16x8 cm. The tumour has spread on the hepatic vein as well.

He has already been seen by 2 specialists, one in my home city and one in Bucharest, both have refused to operate him due to the high risks. We don't have a clear answer from the specialist in Bucharest, but most likely the liver transplant is not an option either.

Tomorrow he will be seen for a biopsy according to which his treatment will be decided. Regardless of teh closed doors, I'm fighting for any chance left that can make his life longer and keep the cancer under control. Has anyone got information on non-conventional methods, like: naturalist medicine or laparoscopic surgery working in such difficult cases?

As I am new in this live 'challenge' i'm still trying to get informed on the topic, looking for solutions and answers. I'm slowly starting to read your posts hoping to gain from your experiences and share many positive thoughts. I know it is not easy to keep up the optimism all the time.

Lots of strength and health to you and your beloved ones! smile