I'm looking for any resources anyone might have that may assist family members that live long distances from recently diagnosed patients. My father was just diagnosed with stage 4. He is in Oregon, I am in Georgia. I have 2 children, 12 & 13. We have not seen my dad, their grandpa for 6+ years.

Our finances are very, very tight. I want my dad and my kids to reconnect while he is still feeling ok. My children are his only grandchildren.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

I know how great Emory is, but he is in Portland, OR. What is the best way to go about finding specialists to get a second opinion in his area? Is it possible to have a specialist review his medical records or would he need to actually be seen in person?

Thank you, he is seeing what we have been told is a doctor that specializes in this type of cancer named Dr.Bhardwaj. My dad also has Ulcerative Colitis and Diabetes. The only symptom he has at this point is pain. The tumor has also spread to the abdomen.

Any pointers on seeking 2nd opinions, he has Medicare and AARP. Should I look into sending him to a specialty center out of state? I am just overwhelmed at this point.

He does have my mom and siblings in town, as well as other family.

Thank you!

My dad was just diagnosed with stage 4 Cholangiocarcinoma, his tumor is 7cm and has grown into his liver. Doctors are saying w/o chemo he could live 3-4 months. With Chemo 6-8 months, possibly longer depending on how the chemo works. He has decided to go ahead with Chemo, which will start next week and he will receive it once a week. He will go for 2 weeks and then be off for one week. The medications he has been told he will be given are Gemcitabine and Carboplatin.

The toughest part is he is in Portland, OR and I am in Atlanta, GA. Not being physically with him during this time is going to be most difficult. I am trying to determine the best time to go be with him which I think will be better determined after the first cycle when testing will determine how he is responding, how long treatment will be and prognosis after the first cycle.

Any tips on increasing expectancy and just helping my dad get through this time in general is much appreciated!