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Thank you everyone for the support. I will keep on researching. I am very positive that we will all get through this.

Any tips on diet? My mom makes juices for him to help boost his immune system - Pineapple, beets, oranges, papaya, etc. He loves these but they are filling. We have started buying organic as well.


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marions wrote:

Kristin...glad you "got it out."  Just wondering:  have you consulted with an interventional radiologist also? 
So glad you have come out of the woods, Kristin.  Please continue to share with us.

Thank you for the kind and uplifting words! They are very much appreciated.

We were told that radiation is not an option as it's not localized. Is that the same as interventional radiology?


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Hi everyone. I am not really new to the site but this is my first time posting. I have been lurking and reading since my dad was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in January 2012. When we first learned about his illness, we were devastated. I got depressed and cried wherever I went, except, of course, in front of my dad.

As mentioned, my dad was diagnosed last year with a 9cm tumor. There were no metastases and we were extremely lucky that the surgeon we were referred to agreed to do surgery. The tumor was resected with negative margins in May of 2012.

His last scan on May 2013 showed recurrence with mets to the lungs and liver. His onc explained that without chemo he has about 5-7 months to live. With chemo, probably a year. It was so depressing to hear these words but  I am not losing hope.

He started his first chemo (gem/cis) last week. The night after chemo, he was fatigued. He didn't vomit or felt like vomiting and seemed to be in good spirit. He was his normal self the day after chemo - walked the dogs to the park, chatted with his sisters, nephews, nieces, and grand kids who all flew from different parts of the world to show their support. His next chemo is on Monday; he rests the week after and we begin the next cycle. After which, he'll have a scan to see if chemo is working.

I just wanted to post and share as keeping this bottled inside is sometime so difficult.