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My husband also has severe back pain in the lower left side.  To be 27 and have all this suffering is hard to understand.  Please don't feel that this is from anything you have done.  If alcohol causes this, I'd have died at 22!  Jesus said that Heaven is better than anything anyone has ever seen or heard in this life and that 'My Father's house has many rooms'.
I think you're going to get a really good room... just don't get lost.


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Thank you, Mark!  I have contacted UPMC and am awaiting a response.  Praying for you,


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John is being treated at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh by Dr. Shifeng Mao.  He went in to the hospital for back pain and we then found out that he had CC in his liver and spine.  The main tumor was 10cm, but has shrunken considerably.  He is not a candidate for surgery as the cancer is in more than one place.  It's hard to see him suffer, but we are holding up pretty well.  Thanks!


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My husband, who is 50, was diagnosed in February.  We have four children, ages 22, 21, 18, and 11.  He is on his second round of chemotherapy.  After completing the first round of Gem/Cis, his PT scan showed considerable improvement.  He is now doing Gem/Ox.  He has also had two transfusions for low red count.  He is still working, but reduced hours.

I am glad to have found this site, it's good (but sad) to know there are many people going through the same situation.

Trust God,