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I  learned about Dr Kato on this website back in June. We have been funneling all the reports/MRIs/CTs from Mayo to Dr Kato. Dr Kato's opinion is surgery can be done. My dad met with him this week.

To date my dad has been getting treated at Mayo Rochester and Mayo was  saying no surgery.  He was being treated thru chemo. Incredibly grateful for Mayo as my dad did run into an infection that I believe, because of all the experts at Mayo, his life was spared from the infection.

However, one of the first postings I read on line here said you cannot get too many opinions when it comes to this cancer. We are also exploring one other avenue thru another cancer institute. However, right now surgery appears to be an option thru Dr Kato. It will be intense, but given the alternative, it seems to be the right direction to go at this moment.

Thank you, thank you for those who are dedicated to keeping this website alive for those in need around answers for this cancer.


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Wonderful news! So happy for you!


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Happy to hear this news. Wonderful to hear of your progress!


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Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share....my heart is so blessed! What compassionate hearts you all have!

Our time at the Mayo today went well. There was a bit of good news as when my dad was working thru the UofMN oncologist, she said he was not eligible to take the second drug that is taken along with GEM due to some measurement found in his blood that is kidney related. The Mayo was suggesting the same thing until his blood test today came back with a good reading, so they are going to incorporate cistantin(sp?? know this is not even close, but figure you know what I am talking about) into his chemo. He has no history of any kidney issues, so they were surprised UofMN test had the reading it did. They will continue to monitor to ensure trend consistent with results from today. He gets his port put in on Monday and chemo starts 8am on Tuesday. We had port care training today after meeting with oncologist.

He continues to be mentally and physically strong, great appetite and full of energy. I hear him on the phone right now talking/laughing with his 90+ year old golfing buddy about iron shafts and drivers. It is music to my ears.

A day at a time!

Thank you for your wisdom, care and support....you are so special!


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Hello Everyone,

I just learned last week my 81 year old dad, who happens to be in great shape and health, has cholangiocarcinoma. It has been a three week journey so far. The initial problem that brought him to the hospital was severe pain. They thought it was food poisoning, then something gall bladder related. They did an ERCP and put in a temporary stint. He then went onto the U of Minnesota and had a endoscopic ultrasound and another ERCP to put in a more permanent stint. The EUS showed cancer including in two lymph nodes. There is also a vein involved(can't remember name.) We met with oncologist connected to U of MN and said would do chemo once a week for 3 weeks and be off the 4 week. Would do 3-4 cycles and was going to use Gemcitabine, trade name Gemzer. She said he had about a year to live and surgery was not an option. Left that appointment quite numb.

We went onto the Mayo in Rochester, MN a few days later. Met surgeon who is expert at Mayo for this type of issue. She said surgery not an option right now, but wants to start chemo treatments. One week on, one week off. She then offered some other options. I left with some hope unlike earlier experience. Do not know what type of chemo yet as we go back to Mayo on Thursday this week to meet with oncologist.

As you can see from my lengthy post, I am very scared and sad. Anything you can share to provide insights, encouragement, hope would bless me beyond words.