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Thank you  Melinda. He is declining more and more, I just pray it is after Christmas, my little eight year old doesn't need to have that memory at Christmas time every year however it isn't my decision. God knows when and I need to start praying more and giving it to God more. Oh how it is so so so hard. One thing I never prepared for was so much company. My sister is coming to stay with us and she will be my greeter and such. I really am okay yall just got my crazy upset self.


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Thank you guys so much!!


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There is no need to seek another opinion. Gordon's liver is failing. Everything has been done that needs to be done. My anger is real but please remember I'm just venting. I'm allowed, I have done everything I can do. No md Anderson isn't all bad don't misunderstsnd. But they do give a lot of fluff. This is a dr not the entire place. It's hard. I'm sad and scared that is all.  Md Anderson didn't do this. My husband is dying at 46 years old. Being raw and wmotion doesn't mean I need to put my anger to something good it's just me venting. My 42 and just am over whelmed with so much. I'm sorry if I upset anyone.


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I have been on here for a long time. Gordon was diagnosed two years ago. Is that great?? Well I would say yes and no. Did my children and I get more time? yes but at what cost to him? He has been in the hospital atleast once a month if not more since november 2012.

Some of you have been fortunate to have amazing results, some have had to say goodbye and some are right in the middle of the battle. In my husbands situation it looks like his liver has been damaged before we knew he had cancer so that changed alot of things.

What I am upset about is if the drs knew that than they should have discussed it with us instead of using him as a lab rat. Gordon was doing "okay" with just chemo before the IMRT treatment. No problems with the chemo, none of them ever stopped working, they just wanted to try something else . The IMRT treatment changed everything and no one wanted to explain.

So with all that said, his tumor markers went up, he started declining, the drain isn't working anymore. So they say hospice! NOthing to them but huge to us and the MDA dr talks to us and agrees when all they said was they would never give up. NO ONE prepared us this could happen, did i know it could of course i did but my husbands spirit was crushed.

Gordon has two months to 6 months. He isn't showing many signs of active dying yet. But even with the hospice nurses I asked how long and they say is "Im not a dr so I cant give prognosis" well we can't see any other drs while on hospice and the nurse comes to our house. Gordon does not see the hospice doctor at all.

Am I angry? yes Im angry? WE HAVE been fighting for 2 years and we are back exactly where we were 2 years ago. Gordon is jaundice and sick now he is dying, was then but the kicker is no one would tell us then!!! Awful cancer.

I know this forum is encouraging but we need to be honest and raw. People need to know the facts not just sugar coat it to help you cope. IS there hope always but when it gets bad or about to the drs NEED to tell us.


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Okay I'm going to try this again,

It concerns me when I post and no one csn contact , me, that could possibly mean no one has experienced what Gordon is going through.
Gordon had radiation , ended in March. He got really sick and we ended up in the hospital at MdA. The radiation onc said Gordon SHOULD NOT have any side effects of radiation. So when he got so sick he couldn't eat, stand the smell if food, weight loss we were shocked. So mar 15 ish he is in the hospital, developed portal hypertension and ascities. No one seem to think this was a big deal. Gordon lost 35 pounds ended up with an infection in his liver. All taken care of. It has been a hard road since then, too much to I into. But they said the tumor is dying, his tumor markers went from over 20000 to 182 and still trending done. But Gordon has portal hypertension and ascities he tske Los two different was pills and again we were told this should improve but,...????
What do y'all think???
His time is limited?? You csn live with a liver damaged like that? ( He had IMRT TREATMENT)


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Hey there My husband goes do MDA and he had a horrible horrible time with the leaking until they could change it Im saying that to say this...

I can help you with the drain but you will probably need to get the supplies at MDA. It will include a colostomy bag. you put it around the drain with the special adhesive. you dr at mda can get in touch with that dept to help you or go to the 4th floor and talk to the nurses. They saved so much grief for my husband. Please email me if I can help you any further. It will stay on and we wont have to worry about changing it so you can just keep her comfortable and enjoy this time as much as you can. Im so sorry your going through this. My email is hwomble@austin.rr.com.

Best wishes

Hey there it has been since March I posted anything.

First off I am thrilled we are still here, Gordon has been fighting for 18months!! It hasn't been easy though. He successfully finished IMRT treatment on March 5th, omg the side effect were horrible, he ended up in the hospital. He had an infection in his liver, they were able to basically suck out the infection and his fever finally went away in May!! yes May!!!

We just went to MDA and he had his three month visit and his tumor markers are dramatically down and still trending down, no cancer anywhere else accept this tumor.

So has anyone ever heard about possibly doing a liver resection after radiation?? The reason I ask t his is because the tumor is dead but it is just sitting there, still blocking his bile ducts, which he has a drain. He still has portal hypertension and still has ascities but tha ascities is improving. Anyone dealing with this, know anyone dealing with this? I really thought I would lose him within 6 months, well for one thing that is what we were told but things are lookin up the tell his liver is doing good but it is confusing when they say that and then he still has all these issues. feedback appreciated.

Just wanted to make sure yall saw it

Oh yeah he takes it, I make sure. Now today we were all off and we do the Tylenol and ibuprofen regularly too. I appreciate you helping....I think all cc patients are "special cases" because there is so much Unknown still. I need to just realize that...grrr

And yes as much radiation as he is getting near his stomach and his stomach is getting a little that makes a lot of sense.

Thanks, yes he has three different nausea pills and he gets his blood work done every week. They did blood cultures too so all of that is great! Were at the end of the treatment so maybe its just accumulating. Gordon is a "special case" they just rule things out. So when the drain is changed out on Tuesday and his temp doesn't go away then I sure hope it is just from the radiation because that would really scare me if we can't get this temp under control. He is 45 and was diagnosed a little over a year ago. He would get a temp from chemo but it would never get to 101. He has been on two different antibiotics this time...just weird.

Hey guys,

I don't get on here much, but I do check in occasionally. Gordon had a spacer put in in January and is now almost finished with radiation treatments (IMRT) He is getting 100gy in the middle of the tumor and like 90 something around it..we are being told it will kill it. He was doing xylota with it but he started getting a fever so they decided to just stop it since he was almost done. So my questions are...

If you have had this IMRT treatment, is it normal to have a low grade temp, to be so tired that your in bed more than out? and to be nauseous?

The reason I'm asking on here is because the dr said he shouldn't be having many side effects, it is really frustrating. Please don't send me links to side effects because I have looked. I am baffled because the doc said that and I have talked to one patient but I want to see if there are anymore of yall out there.

Also if anyone else has had IMRT I would like to know your story. The only way my husband could have this done is by the spacer they put in to protect the stomach.


Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, we have been in Houston(MDA)

Folfori hasnt been too bad...he has been on it since september and the tumor is shrinking. It makes him very fatigued, some nausea and it does drop the platlets. sometimes he has needed neutripen shots. Yes Gem/cis was a year ago, it is always the first attack on this cancer.  Also ask about the Tarceva pill to go with it, with some people it does have good results. Gordons ins at the time would not approve it.



my husband is also Dr javles patient and dr cranes as of today. We will see Dr. Aloia for the spacer to be put in. Dr. Crane said this is comparble to surgury, the outcome that is. What do yall think. They said IMRT will be better for his tumor. Gordons tumor was 8.8 and now it is 6.2...from Chemo. The chemo that worked was FOLFORI. But DR. J said he fears there is more cancer elsewhere because of how high his tumor markers are. His liver is a little damaged with a tiny amount of ascities. He was diagnosed Nov 27 2012 and he is still working and doing okay....I to would like to see miraculous heaing but I believe in Gods will and am thankful for all the time we have, Gordon is 45.


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Good luck girl!!! Dr Javle is my husbands doc too we go the 18th or so. Big hugs from texas!!'



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I will pray for peace and comfort.



Wow!! You have been through it girl!! We are heading to Dallas as in a bit. I'm very curious about these Baylor Drs. My husband is going through Mda right now...and sometimes it seems like they are tip toeing around what they know but don't want to tell us... I am going to talk to my husband about getting another opinion. Gordon has a 8cm tumor in his liver local lymph nodes involved. Surgery wasn't a success in August but being re evaluated in a couple of weeks after chemo.

Glad your recovering okay!!! This is a roller coaster ride!!!!

Hugs and prayers to you!!


What is so frustrating though, is my husband had the genetic testing and then the insurance wouldn't pay for the meds because there wasn't any proof to show it would work. hmm we were so excited about the testing until we got to the insurance part. Just to refresh my husband is 45 w/ 8cm tumor in liver diagnosed a year ago. It's been chemo chemo chemo. No surgery yet and hoping that is what we find out in a couple of weeks but we don't have our hopes up for that just praying control. We have a 6 year old that has become a little clingy but we give extra hugs and honest reassurance. A lot of praying, nothing sweeter than a little one praying for cancer to go away wink


Hang on... And I agree when you do have a plan it does seem to ease some anxiety


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Just to update,

we recieved some information in the mail yesterday, say enroll enroll in healthcare.gov like its all going to be okay!! I hope it is..... I called MDA asking them to please call me and let me know if they will just drop Gordon? or what will happen. They never called me back...basically the insurance will end on December 31st. but you can also go to a private insurance agency and get insurance, they cannot turn you down.

Im not much help...but just wanted to mention this


My positive news is my husband, Gordon was diagnosed Nov 2012 and the way the drs talked to us we didn't know if he would be here today. He is doing great! He is on FOLFORI, just had his forth round, they may do one more. He has been on gim/cis and xyolota and gimzar. They cancelled surgery in August but they reelvuate here in a couple of weeks. We hope but our lives are not wrapped around the words "yes he can have surgery" That was too much last time....Gordons live was just not in good shape but now hopefully that will not be an issue. But I feel it is a blessing that we are coming up on a year. And I pray we have many more!!


Hey Carrie,

I sent you a private message!! We may be at MDA at the same time, would love to meet up with you guys!!! This is so rare and I think it would be good to be in contact with families who are going through similar experiences...here is my email hwomble@austin.rr.com



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My husband is in the exact same boat, he also is with PCIP and no one can help us with this, because the government doesn't know what is going on. We enrolled and we are just waiting. My husband is actually going to back to work after short term disability has ended so he can get on works insurance. We still dont know if that is a possibity either....send me your email, mine is hwomble@austin.rr.com. I will send you info I find out and if you could do the same that would be great. I will try to help  you anyway i can...

Good luck!!...hugs


Thank you guys...he was giving the nurses a hard time in the infusion room today, we might need to start praying for them!! LOL

We know it is a roller coaster and yes we will enjoy the postive news. WE have a new normal now and we just have to make the best out of it! I think yall know what i mean!!


HMM where to begin, so Aug 20th Gordon went in to have a liver resection, surgeon said nope, his liver was in bad shape.

The next week we talked to Javle and Vauthey at mda. They are not giving up hope for surgery. He will be reelvaulated after the next chemo regimin

The chemo regimin was supposed to be FOLFORI AND Erbitux but the insurance wouldnt pay for the Erbitux so he has been on FOLFORI since the end of September. We are heading back to MDA on Nov 18th for scans, appt...yall know the drill...hoping for positive news.

Gordon had his stents removed and a drain put in, he has had no infections. The drain was very hard at first, had to be changed alot. But now my husband is doing amazing. He has lost alot of weight but isn't losing anymore and finally gaining some back...diagnoses 235 now 202. His beliruben is .4 never been this good.

After surgery we were doing alot of back and forth to Houston from austin for procedures for the drain. but discovered we are very happy with a IR in Austin. Very nervous about his next appt but at peace with whatever is said. We have adjusted some to this "new normal" And he hasn't had any pain, problems with the drain or fever in about 6 wks!! This makes this women very happy...priorities do change don't they?

Oh and with this last regimin his CA 19-9 was 27000 now its 6000 going on 4th treatment on MOnday...does this mean its shrinking?? this is good news right? I never paid attention to tumor markers really well on his last regimins....

Location of tumor the surgeon discovered tht the tumor is pushing up against his diaphram which is pushing up again his peracardium. They said it just needs to shrink a little...be we will know more in November.


Good luck to you, I hope this works out