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RIP Kris,  a great loss to this board but you will be always in our hearts

I wish you all the best and I hope those new trials will prove to be successful


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Living in the united states have some advantage when it comes to medical trials and advancement , so happy for you


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Best of luck , please keep us updated


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I am really thankful again for everyone and I am really sorry too for your loss. Even after almost two months I still feel like it was yesterday and I still remember every moment since diagnosis till death and how it was hard to go to the hospital because no hope was given right from the beginning even in palliative care.
I am praying for all the fighters of this terrible disease and I wish you will conquer it very soon

Dear Lisa,
I am really sorry to hear about the passing of your mother but at the end every human being is going to go through this way.


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Hi Lisa,

Please stick to your signature and enjoy everyday you are given from god and do not pay too much attention to the marker numbers.


Kris , I wish you all the best , you are a great fighter and hope source for us


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I am thankful for all your support and encouragement , and you are indeed the smallest little club on earth but the one with the biggest heart ever.

I wish you and all of your family members all the best and I will keep you in my prayers asking god for a cure for such a horrible disease that kidnapped the dearest person on earth to my heart and I do not want that to happen to anyone else.

I will keep supporting this club because you gave me a great source of information and knowledge which is the weapon against such a disease

Best Regards


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My mother just passed away on last sunday  .she was diagnosed on 16/6/2013 so it was very short period but I know it was full of struggle against this beast which took the most valuable person in the family who was providing unconditional love to all people even outsiders who could not stop there tears. I will keep you all in my prayers and I will keep following this club hoping for a cure that will prevent this disease from taking the loved ones.
My belief that my mother will definitely go to heaven is the real thing that keeps me standing


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Hi Gavin,

No my mother do not take any blood thinning drug , even vitamin k she takes it in the hospital as the doctor says the capsules will not be good as no bile is flowing to the intestine

Thanks everyone for your warm feeling , you can not tell the meaning of surviving cancer or fighting it till you live it either yourself or a close member of your family


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Hello all,
My mother have a very small knife cut in her finger and we have to push like 5-7 minutes for the bleeding to stop.her stent replacement failed also trying the external drain failed and the doctor said he will try one more time to put a stent.
She is taking vitamin k while staying in hospital through iv but I wonder if taking it as a capsules or tablets will work and any shared experience related to blood clotting is appreciated

Great news, I wish if the same applies for icc as stent replacement and external drain is failing for my mother and no idea what can be done .

I hope either governments or some big pharma companies will invest enough money to find a cure for "CC" and similar ones.I think the money spent on ads for fast food and soft drinks could fund a lot of research on things that will save people life instead of destroying there bodies.

By the way why FDA do not approve promising drugs with good results in phase II for deadly diseases?

Thanks for the replies but as I trust the collective knowledge of the great people in this forum I would like to ask about PDT for palliative purpose and if anyone tried it ??

Thanks in advance

Hello All,

My mom just got diagnosed with CC mid of June 2013 with very advanced stage and we got a plastic stent placed.After a month the blood tests showed that the stent is not working so we got it replaced again and the doctor said he saw a very aggressive development of the cancer compared to the images before a month.Just one week we discovered the stent actually never worked and we got it replaced again with a different one but seems different structure but the doctor said that even with this he is not optimistic it will work and he thinks even external drain is not an option now.

Have you faced something similar and what options we got?
Thanks in advance , finding this site is the most helpful thing since my mother sickness

I hope all the best for your mother as I got the same situation with my mother , she is 58 years old too and she never visited the hospital before except for giving birth to 6 children until mid of past June where we took her to ER thinking the yellow skin is caused by gallstones.
Same to you I was shocked for the diagnosis and then about limited options we got although for the past two decades I have heard a lot about progress in the treatment of cancer but it seems companies keep concentrating on those with higher percentage of patients.
I keep praying to god to keep my mom alive until some miracle could happen and some new development in the treatment of this disease could evolve for the best of humanity and you should not loose the hope because compared to my mom who do not have the opportunity to join clinical trials in small country like Jordan you could do that in the states.Y'all are in my payers.  Take care.


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That is great news , I hope you all the best.
Any idea about approval cycle for those medications which I hope will work for the benefit of humanity and every great member of this website?


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My mother did not enter the hospital at all until she got yellow skin and itching just before 6 weeks , we thought it had to do with gallbladder initially as ultrasound showed gallstones but later the MRI showed the cancer and the result below :
It is not an operable Klatskin's tumor. It is a Stage IVa (T4N1) tumor by TNM staging. It is not operable as the tumour involves both the right and left hepatic artery and the main portal vein. In addition, there are nodal spread to the celiac axis and the aortocaval nodes.

The patient is best served by metallic stenting of both the right and left hepatic ducts. Subsequently, palliative chemotherapy can be considered as the patient is about 59 years of age.
since then I am consulting all cancer centers worldwide I can reach and non of traditional ones offer more than placing stents which is already done and replaced after one month because it was blocked.

Any ideas or thoughts would be highly appreciated.


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My mom is recently diagnosed with stage IV so I was considering this option as we have no other choice , any feedback about the hyperthemia ??