He is being treated at the VA Hospital in Minneapolis, MN for his metal stent work and the VA Hospital in St. Cloud, MN where his oncologist is.

My husband was diagnosed 7/1/13 with Stage 3  cholangiocarcinoma of right lobe of the liver and right bile duct and right common bile duct.  It is inoperable because of its size (5x5x6cm).
Charlie has now been off chemo since 7/25/14 after being on it for a year, having Cisplatin and Gemcitabine one week,  then Gemcitabine the next week and off one week.
He had a CT scan on 11/20/14 so they could see how the tumor is doing. We found out it has not grown at all, very good for being off chemo so long. It has never shrunk at all from the chemo.  So his oncologist is keeping him off for another 8 weeks.  His latest test for the cancer ag (Antigen) 19-9 testing tumor markers, which was done 12/29/14 shows his level at 312. When he was still on chemo, it got down (from 2806 in June 2013 to 88 on 9/18/14, then up to 145 on 10/28/14. So it hasn't gone up a whole lot for being off chemo so long. The doctor said all his tests look pretty good. The CT scan did show some enlargement of the liver and spleen but upon physical exam, he could not feel it enlarged so it must not be that bad. His doctor told him that 85% of those with his cancer die within 1 year and the rest don't make it past 2 years. He is now at 1.5 years and his doctor said he just MAY be on of the rare one who beats the odds and could last another couple years! Keep praying that's the case.
He is gaining weight slowly, now up to 155.  He feels good and has energy to do things so right now all is good.

In late May my husband started feeling fluish and it wouldn't go away.  Then he got jaundiced and ended up in ER on Memorial Day.  They did an ultrasound and a CT scan and found a mass on his liver.  After that he went to his VA doctor and they did a biopsy.  What they found was moderate differentiated cholangiocarcinoma of right lobe of the liver and right bile duct and right common bile duct, Bismuth classification type 3, T3 Nx Mo stage 3, unresectable.  The doctor said he has about a year to live.  With chemo (which he is trying even though they tell him he only has a slim chance it will work) he could add weeks or months but not much longer.

He served in the Marines in Vietnam in 1967/68. After being in Vietnam for about 10½ months, he was at Yankee Station in Con Tien on the DMZ and a mortar round landed and went off near him in his foxhole. He was unconscious for five days on the USS Repose hospital ship. Then he was sent to Hong Kong and then he spent a few weeks at Great Lakes Naval Hospital in Illinois before being sent home. He got service-connected Hep C and went through treatment for that for 48 weeks from 9/2002 to8/2003.  Now this has shown up and we believe it is from liver flukes that have lived in his bile duct since Vietnam.  I have been reading about a lot of Vietnam vets coming down with this type of cancer now.

I am grateful to find and be a part of this group and know that I will be on this site a lot in the future trying to cope and find out how best to help my husband.