i am so sorry to hear that. sad

i wish your dad is in better world now.

i don't know what to say it is very painful sad

it is one of the side effects of chemo. don't worry.

my dad has diabetes and since chemo he has to inject the insoline.

the best surgeon in IRAN for resection of the cc tumor is Dr. Nikeghbalian in Shiraz and also Dr. Malakhosseini (pedare kabede iran).

The best Dr. for putting the stent is Dr. Akhlaghpour in Tehran.

my dad's Dr. is in Tehran and he used GEM/CIS for chemotherapy and it worked.

i hope it works on your dad too. be hopeful.

hi Samira

my dad has CC too. we are in IRAN.

where did he has surgery? who is his Dr.?

i am sorry the book actually named the little prince by  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


my father is fine and i am so happy about that. i think it is miraculous. do you believe in miracles?!

we are together now and you know i am a big fan of The little princess(the book) and if you read that book you know what i mean wink

i love here and i love you all so i come here sometimes to get some energy

so happy to hear that smile

wish the best for you dear Lainy smile


i want some information about stents. my fathers stent has a problem. he had a fever three days ago and around the stent in his stomach the yellow water started to leak. he takes cotrimoxazole and now he is better but leaking still a problem and his face started being yellowish.

i am so sad. is metal stent better than plastic one?
is this mean that the tumor growing up?

please help


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God bless your dad smile


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happy birthday to your mom smile

very beautiful smile


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i have to say although it is hard to me to understand your language and also it is hard to write a post because my English is not very well but i love to write and read your posts and i love your supports and i love you helping each other   
i wish that we had such a good forum in Iran. i love to meet you all. i think it is very helpful to us to gather and have fun.


best regards,


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Dear Lainy, i am so happy also my mom and whole my family.

my dad goes hiking every day and he is so good these days. we are hopeful now and it is also so good to see my dad hopeful and strong.

now he started to advise me to get married etc. and of course i don't like it but it feels so good that he returned to his normal life.


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thank you all

finally chemo therapy sessions are done and now after 1 month my dad is fine and also he gains weight.


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my dad is fine and being treated by chemotherapy and 4 sessions remain to complete the chemotherapy and i don't know what should we do next?!


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dear marion...thank you.. i have been seeing a psychiatrist for 10 years and i used so many drugs and now i use flouxtein and perphenazine and cholordiazpoxide and inderal every day but i am not ok yet... it"s killing me that the depression is still with me... unfortunately life events make me feel worse... i'm confused i don't know what to do to feel better...

i am so sorry i know i'm nagging a lot...

thanks danna and PCL


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thank you pcl

also i want to say that the Iranian are good people and seeking peace we don't like our government and now it is hard to find medicine because of boycotts

please do something sad


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i appreciate so much
thank you all for your support

dear Marion
is interventional radiation necessary now? because the CT shows that the chemo works and the Dr. decided to continue chemotherapy for more 6 sessions
can we use the interventional radiation too?

Dear Lainy
thank you smile
you are right the chemo is working well but Dr said it only can help your father live a little longer.
is it possible to do a surgery after chemotherapy?

Dear  PCL1029
i think her name was mozhgan (eyelashes)
the problem is my father do worry about us and especially me. because he saved money for years to spend for my marriage and now he spent all for his treatments and as he says a lot he really want to see me marry but it is so difficult in this situation as i said my salary is about 400$ to understand how low it is i should say a 50 m^2 house cost more than 70000$ in our country and the worst car that you will never seen is about 5000$.

Dear Gavin
yes my dad is having 6 more sessions and you are right it is working well and my dad handled it well but my question is how it is working? is it a treatment that remove tumor or is it just help him live longer?

again i thank you all and i don't know how to thank you i am so happy to find here and i have the best wishes for you all.

my name is amir from Iran. i am not very good at english so please excuse me for mistakes.
7 months ago my dad diagnosed with CC (klatskin tumor). it was so terrible for us because the dr said that it has no treatment and your father will live maximum of one year. we were not disappointed and found a dr who accept to do a surgery to remove the tumor. we spent a lot of money and unfortunately the surgery was not successful the dr. said it is stage 4 and the tumor can not be removed. so we started chemotherapy and now he had 6 session of injection of Gemzar and cisplatin and he has a drainage and he is better now.
i had depression for years and now i am in the worst period of my life. the medicines hardly be found here and they are so expensive. i work for an airlines and i earn about 400 dollars a month so we are in a very bad situation.
the dr said we can only help him live a little longer. is my dad really dying?! sad(

i came here because i really need energy and sympathy. please help me.i smile always in front of my dad and my family and say he is gonna be ok soon. they have no idea that there is no hope. it is very much for me i already have depression sad please help me...