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Dear Peggy,

   Sorry to hear about your brother. My husband is a Viet Nam Vet and he too was recently diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma. He was exposed to agent orange while he was doing his tour. We feel there must be a connection between agent orange and this cancer since so many veterans are suffering from this cancer.  Wishing your brother to best and a speedy healing.

Hello Group! My husband, age 66,  was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in May 2013 after a very short illness. Thankfully, our family doctor and our oncologist made a very rapid accurate diagnosis and he was referred to a wonderful specialist at University of Washington St. Louis, Dr. Chapman. My husband underwent a liver resection June 10, 2013. The surgery was a success, only a small portion of the left lobe was removed and the bile duct was repaired. The biopsy showed the lymph nodes were clear but there were some  cancer cells. My husband did not recover well from the surgery, in fact the next ten weeks were very painful, and recovery was slow, he lost 60 lbs, during recovery and it was weeks before he was able to walk on his own. His oncologist didn't think he was a candidate for chemo because of his weakened condition. Now he is recovering better, gaining some strength back, his oncologist wants to remove his port but my husband is afraid there will be a recurring tumor and he may need the port. What do you think, keep the port or remove it???? Any ideas?