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THANK you both for such kind words!!

Lainy - My mom had clean margins as well, ,but the onc highly suggested the chemo. It was her choice and she decided to go ahead and take it (emory hospital in Atlanta). Maybe the treatment options have changed over the years?

Gavin - they are going to do scans every 3 months for 2 years.  SO hopefully if the beast returns they will catch it quickly!!!

Good Evening -

I thought I'd share a bit of good news. 

Just some quick history - my mom had the Whipple procedure on October 31st, 2012.  It was rough, but she came through it.

In February she started 6 months of Chemo (gemcitabine).  Just finished up in July.

She had PET/CT last week. Results show no signs of any cancer at this time.  They are going to monitor her every 3 months for 2 years. She also has to keep her port in, just in case the cancer returns, they can start treatment immediately.

I have not gotten through the site yet - does anyone have any experience with this?  I know CC is very aggressive. Is it best to keep the port in?  Has anyone had it resurface as fast as 3 months?

Thanks for listening!



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THANKS everyone for such a warm welcome!!  I should have joined a long time ago when I really needed the common companionship and communication. 

Lainy - yes, mom had clear margins.  The doctors gave her an option of doing the chemo... said "better safe than sorry".  We are in constant prayer that things are going to be fine!

Thank you all!


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Hello Everyone -

I am new to this website, although I have been following it on FB for a few months.  My mom was diagnosed with CC stage 2B in October 2012 and since then has undergone the Whipple procedure and 6 months of chemo (gemcitibine).  She had her first ct and mri this week and we see the Oncologist on Monday to determine the results and next steps.

I am happy to be here and to know that my family is not the only one battling this horrible disease. 

thank you all for sharing your experiences and your feedback. I will do the same in hopes that it will help someone down the line!

God Bless!