Thank you all for your welcome, information. Good wishes, and continued contact. 

My oncologist is Dr. mark Campbell.  He is the founder of the Cancer and Hemotology Centers of Western MI.  He's incredible.  I first met him as my mothers oncologist and only by coincidence did I end up as his patient.  He partners with the best abdominal surgeon, Dr. Chung who has performed 3 "successful" surgeries since 2009. The last one was the "shake and bake" I mentioned previously followed with the intraparentaneal chemo that I tolerated for 5 weeks. I hated it.  I stopped the therapy even though my markers had gone down, I just couldn't do it anymore.

I'm now at the point where I need to make life decisions about continued chemo, change the chemo to keep the tumors at bay, or stop altogether.  I want quality not quantity of life.

I hope I've answered questions you all asked.  Thank you so much for your welcome. I'm sure we will chat again.  Much care to you and yours dealing with this cancer.  Glad I'm not alone.

I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma September 2007. I have had four surgeries removing my gallbladder, part of my liver, full hysterectomy, a removal of part of my colon leading to a colostomy bag.  The last surgery was to remove tumors using the " shake & bake" method (pouring Cisplatin directly into abdominal area and waiting 2hours while rotating my body). That was is January 2012. I've been on different chemos ever since.

The worst chemo was injection thru an intraparentaneal ( sp?) port to provide Cisplatin directly into my abdomen along with lots of hydration. I would gain 10 lbs each time. After injection spending 2 hours turning your body every 15 minutes.

The last series I could only deal with 2 off label drug.  They are now changing to taxatore and I'm wondering if and how others have handled it.