Hi Lainy & Marion

I promise to write an introduction later on - but I have a current concern and wonder whether there is anyone in this unique family who has Diabetes - type 2 or type 1 - who may have experience of the disease dramatically affecting the following?...

I am about to undertake my very first Chemo on 7th February, and I clearly remember being told a few weeks ago that being well hydrated was most important if I was to be able to undergo Chemotherapy. (GemCis)  Dehydration wasn't a concern at the time.  ...However, it most certainly is now. and I am worried I may lose my chance of Chemo - which would be devastating.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  Recently my blood monitor figures are super high - and way beyond any I have had even when ill or undergoing a 65% resection to remove two large and painful tumours. The units used in England vary from those in America - but roughly converted my 10 would equate to your 200; 20 ~ 400; 30 ~ 600 etc. For those who do not have knowledge of Diabetes, I SHOULD ideally register between 5 to 8 if I have good control.  Nowadays, irrespective of a good diet I am registering in the high 20s most days, and last week after registering "30.8" my monitor simply said "Hi"! - because I was over the monitor's limit of 33! (Over 600 in American units!!)  These are Hyperglycaemic levels which are making me very dehydrated.  I'm drinking almost constantly, but am also passing urine every hour or so. My doctor has suggested increasing Metformin by 1000mg and adding in Gliclazide tablets twice a day - but I am still showing values of 20+.

My resected liver is apparently clear of the disease - however I do have disease in some abdominal lymph nodes and some small mets in my lungs.

Many thanks for reading.

Hello there!
Thank you all for your replies to my 2nd 'testing' post when the first one failed...

I want to let you know about myself and current situation - plus ask a lot of questions... BUT it has to be admitted, I AM UTTERLY HOPELESS…

That is with the exception of my currently writing in this little box on the end of my very first posting from 5 months ago! So, I would appreciate a bit of guidance… because at 53 I have always avoided joining ANY online communities in England, where I live, or worldwide - including Facebook.  Quite frankly I wouldn't know a 'Tweet' from a 'Twitter'!

Many thanks

...in cold rainy England!

Hello there!  I started writing an introductory posting - then went back to it a couple of days later, finished and 'posted' it ...but then it said 'you are not logged in' ...oops!  Does that mean my first post, was never posted?? If so, I wish I'd had the sense to keep a copy...!  I'm new to all this! M