Hi Shari:

We all need a pity party once in a while. Dare I say it? We deserve it. The key is to remember that parties are temporary and no matter how good they feel, they eventually become tiresome and we have to - want to - go back to work after a bit. So have your party! Put on your ugly robe, let your mascara run down your face, don't comb your hair, and feel good and sorry for yourself! Then go look in the mirror, remind yourself that no one should run around with a lampshade on their head all the time, and get back to work!

You can do it! We can help!


Prayers for you and your family, Amir! Our parents are so important to us and no matter how old we or they are, we never stop needing them!




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Dianne, you are so right, it does seem to get harder rather than better. But that will pass! We can do this! They would want us to!

Lainy, beautiful poem!

Darla, I know I am strong and will get through, but sometimes, being strong is exhausting and I just don't want to, you know? But My kids and grandkids need me. So when I'm too tired to be strong, I do it anyway for them.

I will survive!

Thank you, ladies. I appreciate your feedback. I'll get through this, I know, it's just so hard....


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My sweet Al has been gone 8 months today. He was a precious man. Smart, funny, loving, gentle, kind, generous with his affection, determined. He was not perfect. He had a temper, could squeeze the copper out of a penny, was opinionated and stubborn. But he was perfect for me!

How I miss his face, his voice, his touch, his scent. 42 years as sweethearts, 37 as husband and wife. A legacy of love and joy and family left behind. The world is a better place for his having been in it!

I love you, Al!

My husband was diagnosed with this terrible disease on May 25, 2012. He went to Heaven on January 28, 2013. His prognosis was 3-6 months so I know we were lucky to get the extra time. But, it wasn't enough!

I am looking for help in getting through this grief process. People who understand. People who have been there. People who won't tell me it's time to move on, start dating, leave the past behind me, but rather, who will give me some tips on how to breath, how to sleep, how to stop crying, how to start crying, how to ride this rollercoaster of grief and survive.

I have to be honest, there are times when I just want to jump off mid-ride.


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Today is 8 months since my husband of nearly 37 years lost his battle with cholangiocarcinoma. There are days when I think I won't survive. This is one of them. Grief is definitely not for the weak!