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So I just need to vent for a minute. I so hate this cancer- I am in the mode of what it life going to be like after I lose my husband. He is my best friend, My sounding board, my coworker my younger children's father. He is my other half..

We leave Monday to Miami to hopefully have the Nano knife performed on my husband CC.

Here is another factsheet on the Nanoknife



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Congrats!! That is so good to hear!. Good luck with the next steps.

Thank you for "posting" the long walk. I do appropriate hearing the full walk on your road. It helps to give me hope with my husband and to know we are not alone. Happy Holidays


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Congrats on School. I can relate as Thanksgiving has always been one of my favor tire days of the year and we were given the surgery option Wednesday and been praying about the risks.
Again congrats on the accomplishment of finishing college.


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I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Over all I can not complain. God has given us when he feels we need.


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August 23 2013 My husband went into the Doctors because he was yellow. Jaundice turned into Cholangiocarcinoma Cancer. We have been very lucky so far as it seems each day we have been able to go to the next doctor and next appointment. As it sits right now we find out Monday if my husband will be a candidate for surgery.  To me the Doctor did not sound very optimistic but my husband feels he was.  I am holding onto my husbands optimism. We know the mass is around 4cm by 5cm.