Prayers are with your whole family.  Hey, I ordered extra bracelets...can I send you some?  Just need your mailing address.

Take care and best of luck.

Hi Lainy,  glad to hear your soothing words.  My treatment is at Stanford University and must say my surgeon did a fantastic job with me.

Your advice about eating is appreciated...never been a grazer person but will likely have to start.

Currently I'm seeking the insurance approval to get a second opinion from a nearby doctor at another hospital, and will keep everyone posted.

Carpe Diem!


Hi everyone.  I am a 46-y/o female who had a 4 cm intrahepatic Klatskin tumor in my bile duct and 2/3rds of my liver removed 2 months ago.  Frankly I'm still in shock about this cancer diagnosis...I've been healthy all my life until now.

16 lymph nodes were also removed during surgery; out of those only one directly connected to the tumor was canceous.

Regardless of this cancerous node, my current doc wants to prescribe both chemo (8 cycles) and targeted radiation over a 6-month period ASAP.  In doing research on the web about these therapies it seems docs treat post-surgery CC patients differently; some just prescribe radiation but some want to do both RT and chemo.  I wonder what others in my "unlucky" boat have done with success, which to me means attaining remission status?

Also, I've lost 30 pounds throughout this medical journey (looking like a cancer patient!) but the doc still insists on starting the therapies NOW.  I fear that I won't be able to eat while on chemo and will basically waste away.  Oh, I have to work full-time too, which enters into the dynamic.

Any advice on effective therapies (or things to beware of) anyone can provide is most appreciated.  I am praying for everyone on this website,  too.  God bless.