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Thank you all for your replies and support.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  This site has been so helpful since I found it only 17 short months ago.
Hospice was here today.  Ron and I talked it over and will sign a contract with them tomorrow morning.  I am looking forward to having the support they provide.  Ron remains comfortable.  He had been eating every day but then it comes right back up.  Now he says he feels full and will not eat anything.  He started taking lactulose today and I am hoping it will help his confusion.  He seems to be staying awake more now but doesn't talk much.  He wants it all to be over now.  He's fought the battle the best he could and ready to be at peace..... with no more pain and suffering.  I can't blame him and I pray that peace comes soon for him.  Even though my heart aches all day and night, I know I must let him go when he's ready...... my friend of 43 years, my first love, my husband of 37 years. Oh God, I hate this awful disease!



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My dear husband Ron is in advanced stage CC now.  Last week he had an appt. with an Interventional Radiologist to see if he was a candidate for Y90.  Instead we had to cancel the appt. and his Onc. told me over the phone that Ron probably only has 2 -3 weeks to live because he has developed Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE) from liver failure.  Ron was doing fairly well up until last week, but I could tell that he was failing a little with each new day.  The HE set in fast, with mild confusion, sleeping 20/24 hrs/day, loss of coordination and balance, and uncontrolled shaking.  I called the onc. immediately and he basically told me that there was nothing he could do for him anymore and that eventually he will sleep more and more until one day he won't wake up.

Strangely enough, the severe abdominal pain he has been experiencing for the last couple of months has subsided.  I don't know if this is because the fluid is being pushed out into the tissues instead of causing pressure on the liver, or because of the state of mind Ron is in right now.  He has been severely jaundiced for a couple of weeks now and started getting swollen feet and legs about 5 days ago. Yesterday he started vomiting up most everything he tried to eat.  He is also having hallucinations or dreams while he's somewhat awake. The last time he saw his onc. was a week ago.  Hospice is coming tomorrow for an evaluation.

My question is this..... is it possible to reverse the HE with shunts and medicine at this point?  (The onc. said it would only make things worse.) Or, is it worth it to try this?  He is so weak and seems so peaceful now that I want to just let him go.  He has suffered for so long with pain and sickness.  Will the symptoms from the HE get worse?  I don't know what to do next.  Please help me with suggestions.  I haven't written much on this site for long but I read everyone's posts.   I appreciate you all so much.


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I am wondering if anyone who has the HAI pump has ever ALSO had Y90 treatment?  My husband, Ron, has had the HAI pump since Feb. of 2014 and his onc. is considering using the Y90 treatment in addition to FUDR in the HAI pump.  Onc is concerned that some of the beads could plug up the pump since the same artery is used to administer the Y90 beads.  Has anyone had experience with this or know of anyone who might have information for me?  Thanks so much!

I think that my husband's tumor was very fast growing and began less than a year before diagnosis. He had been having a lot of heartburn and low tolerance to acidic and spicy foods. However, it was found that he had H.Pylori infection, which I see mentioned quite often by cholangiocarcinoma patients.  Ron had annual physicals but they never checked any of the liver enzymes.  His last physical was 6 weeks before he ended up in the ER. His low hemoglobin was the only abnormality noticed at that physical. Ron was a smoker for over 40 years and had quit smoking 3 months prior to diagnosis.  Other than the above, I can't think of any recent changes in his lifestyle.

blodynbach..... the Irinotecan did not affect Ron's appetite at all, so hopefully this will be the same for yours. :-)

Of course everyone reacts differently but I can tell you how it affects my husband.  He gets Irinotecan every 2 weeks in his port. The side effects have been fairly tolerable.  He experiences a constant drippy nose and watery eyes.  It also knocks his hemoglobin and wbc count way down.  In order to raise his wbc count, 2 days after the Irinotecan I give him a shot of Neupogen for 3 consecutive days.  These shots have worse side effects than the chemo. ... horrible headaches, muscle pain, chills and sweats, wish last about 4 or 5 days.   He seems to get the worst of all possible side effects no matter what drugs they give him.   

In addition to the Irinotecan, he also gets FUDR and Mitomycin in his HA I pump. But the Irinotecan was added later so we think we know what causes each side effect..... for him anyway.

Good luck with treatments!


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Moontje - I can tell you a little about the cannabis oil.  My husband, Ron, was able to try the cannabis oil, which was manufactured by the Rick Simpson formula, not long after he was diagnosed with cc.  At that time Ron was very ill, vomiting and not able to each much.  The oil did help with those symptoms, but it didn't do anything to shrink his tumors.  It was a strong strain of cannabinoid and he did not like the effects of it - being "high" all the time.  From what we have read about the oil, it has worked well for people that have seizures or brain tumors.  We know that it didn't shrink his tumors because he was off chemo for nearly 6 weeks and was using the oil this entire time.  He had a scan after the 6 weeks off chemo and the tumor increased in size by 3 cm.  However, like I said, it did help with nausea and increased his appetite.  Godspeed!

Makua - At one time, my husband was not able to eat barely anything either.  His doctor reluctantly prescribed Megace (Megestrol) and it worked immediately.  I know that it is very expensive, but thankfully our insurance co. paid for it.  Hopefully your son will be able to start eating again soon!  Godspeed!

Trish - Have they ever done any blood tests at all?  Normally a chemistry panel would include 3 different liver tests, ALT, AST and Alkaline Phosphatase.  If any of these are elevated or your hemoglobin is low, you need a more thorough exam.  I definitely would ask about these tests and get a 2nd opinion on the liver scans.  My husband has Cholangiocarcinoma, which is the reason  I am on this discussion board.  However, I was diagnosed with hemangiomas earlier this year.  They were not looking for this at all, but they showed up on an ultrasound done for another reason.  I then had an MRI and the radiologist determined they were hemangiomas.  One was 8 cm and I did have 2 smaller ones.  All of my blood tests were normal except for my white count, which has been low for over 10 years.  I was told that  hemangiomas are very common and there was no need for a follow up.  My mother also has hemangiomas.  She was told to never let anyone biopsy them as she could bleed to death.  I've never read anything like that before, but maybe it is dependent on where the hemangiomas are located.  On another note.... I know that there is someone in this forum who was wrongly diagnosed with hemangiomas, which turned out to be CC so be vigilant!

Jason. .. have you and Andrea ever considered the HAI pump for treatment?  It has done wonderful things for Ron, my husband.  Read my latest post under "What's working"
It sounds like Andrea would be a good candidate for the pump and the side effects are minimal.
I suspect that it was more likely the Xeloda that was making Andrea sick rather than the radiation.  That is wicked stuff!

Ron had his first post-HAI pump CT scan done this week and WOW is all I can say!  Profound results!  To refresh anyone's memory who might not recall Ron's situation.... he was diagnosed last August, went through 4 rounds of Cis/Gem, had to quit that because of neuropathy, started Xeloda, had to quit that after day 2 because of side effects, then was off all treatment for 4 weeks waiting to see a doctor at MSK for possible HAI pump.  While waiting he started on Gem/Oxy for 2 weeks.  HAI pump was put in the end of Feb this year and they also were giving him Gemzar every week for 3 weeks.  During those 3 weeks on Gemzar he ended up in the hospital 2x and his neuropathy returned with a vengeance.  They stopped the Gemzar and he has been on only FUDR in the HAI pump  now for 5 weeks.  After only 2 treatments of FUDR (two weeks at a time) and only 3 months since the first treatment his large tumor shrunk by 33% and the medium sized tumors shrunk by over 50%.  His blood tests are fantastic.  CA19-9 is lowest since the start, CEA is negative, hemoglobin is highest since start.  All other tests are normal with the exception of one liver enzyme, which is slightly high due to the high doses of FUDR.  His onc says he doesn't need anymore systemic chemo (mostly because he simply can't tolerate any of them) and she is giving him a 4 week break from the FUDR.  He looks and feels better than he has since the start.  What a change!  A re-section may be in his future.  That's all we're praying for.  He still has a long way to get there, but it's sure looking good right now.  We are so thankful that the FUDR is working so well at killing the cancer and Ron can live a normal life today.


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Ron's onc told him that he'd only have 5 to 6 mos. If he chose not  have chemo.  With chemo he says 2 - 5 yrs. I believe that the pain Norbert is experiencing is most likely prprogression of the disease, from our experience.  If Norbert starts chemo and doesn't like the way it's affecting him, no one will force him to continue.  He can stop it at anytime.  Godspeed!


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Wow! That's awesome that your husband was able to have surgery!  It is the only way to cure  CC so  he is very fortunate!  Was Dr. Fong one of the surgeons?  I understand that he went to COH from Memorial Sloan Kettering in NY. He has a lot of experience with CC. At any rate,  I pray for a speedy recovery and only good news in the future for your husband.

Lyrica has been working well for my husband.  He initially developed neuropathy after only 3 rounds of Gem/Cis, so they stopped the Cisplatin.  The neuropathy did eventually get better but did not disappear.  The Gemzar was discontinued later on for other reasons.  A few months later, his onc decided to start up the Gemzar again and after 1 round the neuropathy returned with a vengeance, plus he developed pneumonitis, both of which were attributed to the Gemzar.  Until he tried Lyrica, he was taking 10 mg of oxycodone every 4 hours, which only helped slightly.  I strongly recommend trying Lyrica.

Thanks for the info, Matt.  Ron was given Lyrica while he was in the hospital and it worked wonderfully for him. His dosage was 75mg every 8 hours.  He said the pain went from 7 down to 2.  However, now we're fighting with insurance to get him a script!  Ron was on Gem/Cis at the start and after 3 months the neuropathy started so they discontinued the chemo.  The neuropathy improved quite a bit but since they started Gem again last month, the neuropathy returned with a vengeance.  Hopefully it will go away again and hopefully he can get the Lyrica soon.  It sounds like you guys have tried most everything available.  Ron has been only using oxycodone because he was worried about having more side effects from yet another drug.  I recently heard about the electro-stimulation and wondered if it helped.  Praying that Lisa soon have relief!

Hello, Olympic.

First of all, I've found out more information on Ron's diagnosis since this last post.  His actual diagnosis was "pneumonitis", which presented as "ground glass opacity" on the CT scan.  The pulmonologist told us that this is how it looks on the scan.  They did every imaginable test their was to rule out infection and nothing was positive so they're pretty sure that it was caused by the Gemzar.  So.... no more Gemzar.

Okay, on the pump.  It is so irritating to me why they don't want to allow patients from out-of-state have this pump as an option!  The only reason we even knew about it was because our oncologist here in AZ had worked with it some in the past.  That's a long story!  So.... he sent us to MSK in NY and they agreed that Ron would be a good candidate since his cc hadn't spread beyond the liver and 1 lymph node.  He also could not tolerate any of the systemic chemo.  However.... Dr. Kemeny told us that we were going to have to make a commitment to travel to NY every 2 weeks.  We told her that we couldn't do that and why couldn't our AZ onc work with it?  She finally agreed that we could come every 2 mos.  I'm sure you read my previous posts on how that all turned out.  I STRONGLY recommend that you try to have this pump put in.  As in Ron's case.... he had no other option.  I have found out that the drug they use in the pump is not easy to get by physicians (through a distributor), but they CAN get it.  The whole problem with living out of state is this...... Dr. Kemeny at MSK is the only one who works with it.  She decides the chemo formula according to your blood tests and scans.  The actual procedure of emptying and filling the pump is simple.  I could do it myself.  As our onc says, "It's not rocket science".  But the formula apparently is rocket science.  Dr. Kemeny told us that she doesn't want to be "bothered" by getting phone calls from all these out-of-area doctors calling her every 2 weeks.  I can understand her reasoning, but gosh.... can't they get more doctors on board with this?  Ron hasn't had any scans since the pump was put in so we don't know how well it is shrinking the tumors, but we think it is working very well.... because, he no longer has to take pain meds constantly for abdominal pain, he has his appetite back, he's not nauseous anymore, etc.  Even though Ron had all kinds of ill effects from the Gem/Cis chemo and they discontinued the Cis a long time ago, Dr. Kemeny insisted that Ron continue to get Gem in his port, along with the FUDR in his pump.  His neuropathy got worse and now he has pneumonitis from the Gemzar.  I think getting the Gemzar was a bad choice of her to make but she's the doctor and who am I?  Here's my advice to you.... If you can't move to NY, then talk to someone at MSK and find out if there is any other ONCOLOGIST besides Dr. Kemeny who works with the HAI pump.  DO NOT SEE DR. KEMENY IF YOU CAN AVOID IT!  If there is, see if they are willing to work with your local oncologist.  Your local oncologist would need to agree to work with it also.  Our onc told us all he had to do was watch a 20 min video for instructions.  Then he sends Dr. Kemeny recent blood test results and she sends him back the formula to use.  Every 2 months we are expected to go to MSK for new scans, which didn't happen now because Ron isn't cleared to travel.  Now, we are moving back to ND for the summer and our onc in Bismarck is all ready to work with the pump.  He's ordered the refill kits, FUDR and watched the video.  The onc here in AZ has had me watch him fill and empty the pump so that I can help the ND onc if necessary!!!  So you know how easy it must be now, right?  If all else fails, Dr. Kemeny would probably relent to seeing you every month and have someone local empty the pump in between.  This way she would have all your blood tests and scans done at MSK.  Would it be too difficult to travel to MSK once/month?  The surgery is tough.  Ron flew from NY to AZ on a 5 hr. flight the day he was discharged from the hospital and then back to NY again a week later.  This was a grueling experience, but he got it done.   There was a recent trial on this pump too, so why oh why is it so difficult for other oncologists to get on board figure out how much chemo to use in the pump?  I hope and pray that you can get help!  Some patients have been living for 6+ years with this pump when there were no other options! Godspeed!

Has anyone ever heard of "ground glass opacity" caused by chemo?  Well.... we have, unfortunately.  This is the latest side-effect Ron has been diagnosed with after he ended up in the hospital this week.  He presented with a fever, chills, cough and extreme fatigue.  After all kinds of blood tests and scans were done in the ER, it was found that his hemoglobin was down to 6.6, WBC was elevated, oxygen saturation was extremely low (80%), temp of 101.5, low sodium and ground glass opacity (inflammation in the lungs that showed up on a CT scan).  Ron was given 3 units of blood, lots of fluids and antibiotics.  They haven't determined the cause of the opacity in the lungs, but are pretty sure it was caused by the Gemcitabine, which he hasn't had for 2 weeks.  They are culturing his blood and sputum and tomorrow he'll have a bronchoscopy to rule out other causes.  In the meantime, he is on 15% oxygen and they're giving him steroids to reduce the inflammation in the lungs.

Ron was scheduled to be in NY on Tuesday to see Dr. Kemeny at MSK and have his first scans since his HAI pump was put in last February.  Unfortunately, if his oxygen level doesn't come up, he will not be cleared to fly.  The Pulmonary physician told us that if the chemo (Gem) is stopped the opacity will resolve itself but it is unknown how long that will take - could be 2-3 days or 2-3 weeks.

Besides this problem, the neuropathy in Ron's feet has reared it's head again and the pain has been almost unbearable for him.  He is taking Percaset and Oxycodone every 4 hours, which helps.  His Onc suggested Lyrica, but I read in the links above, they recommend Cymbalta.  Has anyone tried either or both of these?  Ron is always apprehensive to try anything new because of all the side-effects, so I'm not sure he will try either one.


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Oh, wow!  That is awesome news!  My husband had the HAI pump put in at MSK the end of Feb.  We will be returning to NY on May 6th for his first scan since the pump was put in.  Ron has been getting only Gem in his port because of past problems (neuropathy) with the Cis, but now the neuropathy has returned with a vengeance so I suspect his Onc will discontinue the Gem also.  We are praying that Ron's results will be similar to yours!

Julie - I am curious.... did you have any other satellite tumors and if yes, how did these present on the latest scan?

Praying for continued awesome results for you!

My husband who has cc, has been told by his oncologist that anytime his temp. is over 100.5 he needs to be on antibiotics, but I'm sure this can be different for each patient.  I suspect that you have an infection.  Can you call the surgeon on call and have them give you a prescription for an antibiotic without them seeing you again.  If not, can you go to an Urgent Care Center or would your only choice be to go to an ER?  If I were your Caregiver, I would be a little concerned and if your temp goes up any higher, definitely get you to a Dr.  Good luck!


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Olga - your story could almost be identical to mine.  My husband, Ron, was diagnosed in August of 2013, when he was 59 yrs old.  He was told the same as Norbert - palliative chemo was all the doctors had to offer him, or 6 months without it.  I was shocked when Ron decided to have chemo because all his life he said that if he ever had cancer he would never take chemo and he would never "go under the knife".  I'm glad that he changed his mind, and I too wondered if it was only for me.  After overhearing him talk with some of his friends, I found out that it wasn't just for me.  He wanted to live longer than 6 months.  Ron was so worried that the chemo would make him sicker than he already was, but he was pleasantly surprised after his 1st treatment made him feel better!  The chemo started shrinking the large tumor and took pressure off his other organs from the very start.  Since then there have been many ups and downs and sometimes we both wonder if going through all the bad times is worth it, but then there are the good days......  I have told Ron  that he doesn't have to go through any of this for me, that it is his decision to go forward with whatever treatments come next (they've had to change his chemo regimen several times due to complications).  I think this is something you need to do too.... have that talk with Norbert and let him know how you feel.  That way you'll never wonder.  I'm praying that everything goes well for both of you.


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Update:  Ron's Dr. in AZ emptied the HAI pump last week and all went well.  10 ml. of FUDR was removed, as expected, and 30 ml. of saline/heparin mix filled the pump again.  Ron is now 4.5 weeks post-surgery and recovering well.  He is slowly starting to gain back some of the 15 lbs. he lost after surgery and the nausea is under control, thanks to new meds.  Next week Ron will start with systemic chemo (Gem) in addition to the FUDR.  He still suffers from abdominal pain and neuropathy, but this is tolerable or helped with meds.  The FUDR was hard on Ron but hopefully the side effects will lessen with each treatment.  I know this is wishful thinking, but one must stay positive.  I'm amazed when I see all of the reported numbers for the CA19-9 test.  The lowest result Ron has ever had was 4500+.  Last test was over 10,000!  This was after 6 weeks of no chemo treatments and the last scan had showed the large tumor had grown all the way back to the original size of 10.8 cm.  Previous scans indicated the chemo had knocked it down to 7.3 cm.  Apparently this is a very fast growing cancer!  It is so frustrating to look back and think that 4 months of chemo and suffering was all a waste and we're back to square one.  We're marching on again and praying that the new chemo regimen is knocking the %^&@# out of this stuff!  I think that I probably "talk" in circles.... hopefully some of you can understand what I'm trying to say. ;-)


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Ron had the HAI pump "installed" by Dr. DeMatteo at MSKCC on Feb. 27th as well as having his gall bladder removed, a liver biopsy and 13 nodes removed.  The surgery went well and they kept him in the hospital for 7 days, actually more like 6 days since they didn't start surgery until after 5pm.  We were originally told that it would be a 4 or 5 day hospital stay, then come back 2 days later to have staples removed but that didn't happen.  We already had plane reservations to fly back to AZ the evening of the 7th day.  That was a mistake..... the 5 hour flight was terribly uncomfortable for my poor husband.  Then we had to return a week later for a follow-up with the surgeon, staples removed and Ron's first pump injection of FUDR.  One of the lymph nodes proved to be cancerous.  Dr. DeM wasn't concerned at all about this.... it was the node closest to the liver and no other nodes were affected.  However, Dr. Kemeny says that a recent trial indicates that in addition to the FUDR, systemic chemo is necessary.  Since Ron cannot tolerate Cisplatin because of neuropathy, they will give him Gem on his off weeks from the FUDR.  We finally witnessed what others have said on this site about Dr. Kemeny's attitude and behavior.  Wow!  Never in my life have I ever been treated so horribly by a professional!  Dr. K's ended up apologizing to us, but it wasn't really sincere.  Her nurse came in before we left and told us how bad she felt about how we had been treated! I seriously want to file a complaint with the hospital but I think I will have to wait until she is no longer Ron's oncologist.  Sad!  My sister suggested that at our next visit... have my recorder ready on my smartphone.  I'm going to do this.  Anyway.... back to Ron.... he continues to lose weight (45 lbs in 7.5 months) due to poor appetite and nausea.  We really need to find something new to curb the nausea.  I've read some suggestions on this site and we will discuss with our AZ oncologist next week.  Ron went for 6 weeks without any treatment and Dr. K. says that the tumor grew in that time, which didn't surprise us.  The pump was really the best option I believe and we so pray that his body can tolerate the FUDR.  Today is the 4th day after FUDR.  Day 1 and 2 were fine.... he was just a little fatigued, but then he is still recovering from a major surgery too.  Day 3 wasn't so good... nausea and poor appetite again.  Today he slept almost the entire day and was super-fatigued.  No nausea, but poor appetite.  I've read on this site that day 3-5 are the worst.  Next week our oncologist in AZ will empty the pump.  Dr. K. (against her wishes) will not see Ron again for 2 months but will consult with Dr. Choi here in AZ.  It is just too hard on Ron to have to fly back and forth to NY every 4 weeks.  We plan on heading back to ND in mid-May and not sure what will happen then.... we may be forced to go to NY every month during the summer.  Does anyone know of any oncologists that have worked with the HAI pump in the ND or MN area?  I've heard that they work with the pump at the U of MN, but it is a different brand of pump.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you.  This website has been such a great source of information.  I am so appreciative of all the people who post and especially the moderators!  You are awesome!!!  It must take a lot of your time, moderators, to keep up on everyone's posts.  Please know that you are much appreciated!  Thank you to all!


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Upon recommendation from Ron's doctor, we flew to NY 2 weeks ago and were given great news from MSKCC.  We met with at least 4 MD's and as many or more other professionals.  New scans were done, along with blood work and it was determined that Ron would be an excellent candidate for the HAI pump.  Surgeon Dr. DeMatteo will be performing the surgery on Feb. 27th, as well as removing the gall bladder, which apparently "gets smoked" from the FUDR anyway, so they remove it as a preventative measure.  New scans revealed more shrinkage of the large tumor and all the small satellite spots have almost disappeared!  This is all after only 4 rounds of Cis/Gem and 1 round of Gem/Ox.  There has been no metastasis to other organs, which is a Godsend.  Dr. DeMatteo even mentioned a strong possibility of future re-section! 
This is a first!  Ron is off chemo again for 4 weeks and then they will give him his first FUDR dose after the pump is up an running.  Ron is feeling great and celebrated his 60th birthday yesterday (My Valentine!).  Doctors initially told him he wouldn't live to see his 60th b'day if he didn't choose to undergo chemo treatments.  We are so blessed that his body is responding so well to the chemo..... or is it the chemo?  He has also been taking cannabis oil since the very beginning and we truly believe this is helping more than the chemo.  I know there are a lot of skeptics on the oil, but it works for Ron.  It also helps tremendously with his nausea and poor appetite.  It doesn't seem possible that satellite tumors would just simply disappear off the scans with as little chemo as Ron has had.  So.... we leave for NY in a couple of weeks.  MSKCC did most of the pre-op work at our last visit, so we'll fly into NY, have surgery the next day, and then Ron will be hospitalized for 4-5 days, come back 2 days later to check incision, etc, then fly back to AZ to recuperate.  2 weeks later we'll return to NY for a checkup.... making sure the pump is operating correctly and then our AZ doctor will take it from there.  Dr. Kemeny initially wanted us to commit to coming back to MSLCC every 2 weeks for pump filling.  She had a hard time agreeing that our AZ doctor was capable of doing this, even though he has done this many times, has worked with a few of her other patients in the past, and says it's not difficult at all.  Dr. Kemeny made a phone call to Dr. Choi to make sure!  Hopefully it will be warmer in NY than the last visit 2 weeks ago!  We nearly froze!!!  $300/night hotel rooms for 9 nights, flight tickets, meals and other expenses will take a big bite out of our retirement funds, but it is all worth it!!!!  Feeling blessed right now :-)


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Thanks for your best wishes, everyone.  Kris - Ron's Dr. here in AZ has been trained on how to use the pump, so hopefully, if and when he gets the pump, Dr. Choi will be able to continue all Ron's treatments while we're here in AZ.  However, when we go back north for the summer... that's another story!  Dr. Choi is hoping that he can convince Ron's summer onc to take the necessary training.  According to Dr. Choi, all he had to do was watch a 20 minunte video!  Hmmmmm.  Take care everyone!


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It's been a while since I've posted, even though I go in and read the new posts almost daily.  It seems like I'm always too busy to post my own stories.  Since my last post a lot has changed with my husband, Ron.  He was diagnosed with ICC in August of 2013.  After 4 cycles of Gem/Cis, his doctor stopped it due to extreme neuropathy in Ron's feet. New MRI and PET scans indicated that the cancer has not spread beyond the liver.  Great news!

Ron had no treatments for about a month before he started on Xeloda.  He was to take Xeloda twice daily, but only made it through 3 doses and had to stop due to extreme nausea and pain in his abdomen.  At this time his Onc. decided he should see Dr. Kemeny at Memorial Sloan Kettering and sent a referral to her in hopes that Ron could get an HAI pump.  It was taking too long to get an appt. with Dr. Kemeny so his Onc. started him on Cis/Ox a week ago.  In the meantime, Ron was set up with an appt. to see Dr. Kemeny on Feb. 5th.  (Initially they wanted him to come to NYC next week but with the Super Bowl festivities going on in that area, we opted to wait another week.)  In between infusions Ron was getting hydration therapy weekly, which really perked him up.

Ron was feeling quite well for the 4 weeks that he had a break from chemo and before the last infusion of Cis/Ox.  The day of the infusion he didn't feel real well, then the next two days were wonderful.  He said he felt normal again.  I was so elated.  Then the pain and nausea set in on day 3.  Ugh!  He was having a hard time eating anything for the rest of the week.... just didn't have an appetite.  Oxycodone 2x/day was taking care of the pain until last night.  This morning he could hardly get out of bed.  He had pain across his middle section, more in the intestinal region than in the liver/stomach area... but said his stomach and liver regions hurt also.  I had to fight like heck to talk him into going to the dr (as usual!) and he finally relented but decided he needed a bath and shave first.  It took everything he had to get into the tub and then the tears came.  I have only seen Ron cry once before in all the 40 years we've known each other.  It broke my heart into a million pieces.  He took 2 oxycodone and within a half hour we were in the onc.'s office.  He still had silent tears.  The onc. wasn't sure what was going on inside and wanted Ron to go to the ER for a scope, since as an inpatient they would do it right away, vs. waiting a week to get an appt. and results.  Onc said if Ron wanted to he could try hydration first and see if it helped, but if the pain comes back he must go to the ER this weekend.  Ron opted to have hydration, which did indeed help.... tremendously.  I believe he was dehydrated and just rundown from not being able to eat.  He ate a pretty good meal after hydration but no appetite again now. 

Another dose of Cis/Ox is scheduled for next Friday, then we travel to NY to see Dr. Kemeny for a consult only.  We're praying that she will deem him worthy of an HAI pump and we'll be able to return to NY soon after for the surgery.  He just can't seem to tolerate any of the systemic chemo and the Cis/Ox is no exception.  The neuropathy is coming back and it's just too hard on his internal organs.  The Oxaliplatin causes strange reactions to anything cold, which Ron must avoid at all costs.  He drank some water that wasn't quite room temperature and said it felt like someone was sticking a thousand needles in his throat and neck.  Anyone who puts up with all these nasty side-effects must have a strong will to live.  I don't know that I could do it.

I had my only little scare a couple of weeks ago.  My hematologist ordered an ultrasound of my abdominal area, thinking an enlarged spleen might be the cause of an extremely low WBC count (after all other tests were negative).  What showed up shocked us both - 3 solid masses in/on my liver!  An MRI showed that they were only hemangiomas and no follow up is necessary.  I was scared to death, especially since one mass was 6.2 cm wide.  It was a tough 3 weeks from start to finish and now I feel like I never want anymore tests done.  I'm a wimp compared to what Ron is going through.

So... for anyone who tracks what's going on with ICC patients, this is our updated story.  I'll write again to let you all know what Dr. Kemeny decides to do.