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The trial you are talking about is a phase III trial worldwide.  The results won't be available for a few years.  My wife was on a phase I trial of XL119 and oxaliplatin.  That combo gave her about five months of no symptoms.  The only side effects were tingling in the hands and feet.  Good luck, Jules.


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What was the treatment?


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Dear AS,

The correct names are Avastin and Gemzar.  This combination is common.  What works for one patient doesn't always work for another.  Make sure you are seeing an expert with this cancer.


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Dear Amilcar,

My wife has been battling stage IV cholangiocarcinoma for 13 months.  The only chemo that helped her was a phase I clinical trial of XL119 and oxaliplatin.  SHe has tried gemzar, taxotere, 5FU, and a combination chemo.  After she was removed from the clinical trial, she rapidly got worse and her time is now very short.

One thing you learn is that what helps one patient doesn't work for another.  Find an expert in Seattle and follow their suggestions.


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I would find it helpful if users had an area to post clinical trials they come across.  For instance, I just found a trial of Gemzar and Alimta at the Mayo clinic for gallbladder cancer.


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My wife has stage 4 Gallbladder cancer.  She was helped for 7 months by a phase I trial of XL119 and oxaliplatin given in Cleveland Ohio at the Ireland Cancer Center.  Eventually, her platlets would not come back.  She was removed from the trial in January.