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I've had a CT scan, a MRI and a PET scan... They were saying it was cancer until it didn't light up on the PET.


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Well it's just so confusing because at first it was cancer and now they are saying they don't think it is... So it's like is or isn't it?! And what are y'all gonna do to determine whether it is or not?!

My surgeon is calling my oncologist today so they can "discuss" everything BUT I'm going to push for them to at least do a biopsy... I feel like waiting 3 months to get another MRI isn't an option! There was obviously a reason why they initially said it was a tumor so I can't spend the next three months paranoid that this cancer is living and growing!! Hopefully we will have answers soon!


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Well I am feeling much better after meeting with my oncologist. He feels very positive about everything. The first step is I will meet with my surgeon next week to see if he feels comfortable just going in and removing then following up with aggressive chemo but if he isn't comfortable with doing the surgery we still have the option of doing several treatments of cyber knife combined with chemo. I feel like we are definitely moving in the right direction and I have 100% confidence in my Drs and in myself!


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Well looks like all my bragging about how good I am doing has come back to bite me in the ass :-/ There is a new spot on my liver... I meet with my oncologist tomorrow to discuss where we go from here.... I'm scared and extremely frustrated BUT I know everything will be ok and ill beat this AGAIN. Ill keep y'all updated on what the plan is... Prays and positive thoughts are always welcomed smile


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Thank you everyone for the support! I will for sure keep everyone updated... We don't plan on "trying" til December but its definitely a step in the right direction. I have my 4th scan/appt with oncologist at the end of this month. We'll be discussing how they will still monitor everything while be pregnant then... Ill let you know what they say. Thank you all again!! Very very excited!! smile


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It has been a very hopeful week not only did I turn 29 but I also met with an OBGYN that I was referred to AND I am cleared to start trying for another baby!  He said my biggest issue I'll have is just getting pregnant (possible effects of chemo/radiation) But he was very positive. I'm ready to put this cancer in my past! I can't wait to see what life has in store for us... Very excited about my future! :)

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!! I spent the day at the park with my little angel... It's been a great day!

Today is my 29th birthday!! Part of me instinctively goes "Eck! Almost 30!". I then remind myself how blessed I am. It wasn't too long ago when I was praying to make it to 29! Now I'm alive and healthy! I cant wait grow old with my husband... Be there for my little girls firsts... Watch her fall in love and get married... Be able to spoil my grand kids! One of my new favorite quotes is:

"Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many."

There was some good that came from CC. I know how truly lucky I am to be able kiss my husband and little princess every morning and every night! And it's little moments like that that I often took for granted but that I now cherish the most!!

Milenzz... I am very sorry to hear the news. I would suggest getting a second opinion. It never hurts to have more than one option. I originally was being treated at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas USA but then switched to Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA because I wasn't convinced that they were exploring all my possible options. And I went from being told a transplant was my only choice to after 6 months of chemo and radiation i was able to have a successful liver resection surgery. My treatment was tough and kicked my butt but I'm alive and healthy so it was completely worth it!

I would just do some research and see what other options are out there. It doesn't have to be anything personal against her current oncologist but its important you both feel like every option she has is being exhausted...

I know its a long way but If you would be interested, I can get you my radiation oncologist and medical oncologists information to set up a consult


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Joshless... I am sorry to hear about your mom. I was 27 when I started treatment and my radiation oncologist flat out told me he was fixing to "kick my butt" but it worked! I did 3 weeks of high dose radiation twice a day (7am & 2pm) along with continuous chemo (hooked up through my port mon-fri) afterwards I got 2 weeks off then I got a dose of high dose radiation through brachi therapy once a week for 3 weeks. At this point my CT showed my tumor had shrank enough for resection surgery. I'm not sure where she is getting treatment at but I went to Cancer Treatment Centers of America and at every appt with my oncologist I also met with a nutritionist and naturiopath dr which I found really helpful. You might try to get in contact with a nutritionist to see what healthy snacks they could suggest. It's been over a year since I was in treatment but I always remember her mentioning peanut butter... Something you might try. Hope things get better for her and let me know if you need any more info!

Shatimay... My oncologist did mention freezing my eggs but we opted not to because we were wanting to get started with treatment immediately. I only had one 3 week round of 5fu chemo before my resection surgery and I was suppose to have a round of gemzar after my surgery but I had issues with infections in my incision so I wasn't able to finish it. I have an appt with my Obygn next week to discuss my options but I do already have a little girl so if its not an option for us then we'll just have to find other options, possible adoption etc :-/

Marion... I do have a probiotic that I take several times a day that seems to help. That was one of the things I loved about Cancer Treatment Centers of America, every first I meet with a nutritionist and naturiopath (spelling??) dr which I feel plays an important role smile

Susie... Thank you for the info. That is very scary and if there is a chance of pregnancy increasing the chances of reoccurrence then it's prob not a chance we wanna take. :-/ I guess we shall she next week!


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Thank you for all the info. I do go back every 3 months for a CT or MRI. I just wasn't sure how it would be monitored if becoming pregnant. I do have an appt with an OBGYN that my care manager recommended for me and my 3 month check up with my oncologist is at the end of the month... I guess I was just hoping to find some other cases for positive thinking smile I have spoke with my oncologist several times about chances of reoccurrence and he informed me with my case I'm at about 10% which I feel is pretty low and great odds but I feel like if this diagnosis has taught me anything it's that anything can happen... Good or bad.
Ill let everyone know what happens with my appts... Thank you again smile

Thank you for your quick response! No one really understands the bananas thing but it instantly hurts after eating one. I ususlly simply take a Zantac every night before bed so i dont have any issues. I have searched the web and haven't really found anything on pregnancy afterwards. I am also starting to think I may be being a little naive when it comes to remission and being able to get things back to "normal". Seeing several stories of reoccurance after having surgery terrifies me! Am I naive to think that it's never going to come back?


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Hello! I just reached the 1 year anniversary of my liver section/ whipple surgery. I was hoping to be able to add to my family (I have a little girl already) Has anyone experienced being pregnant after this diagnosis? How did your oncologist still monitor possible reoccurance? Any issues from previous chemo/radiation?

Hello!Im not really sure where to start but I'm 28 and have been "cancer free" for a year now. After having 3 weeks of 2x a day high dose radiation along with continuous chemo plus brachi therapy radiation my tumor had shrunk enough for surgery. Last September I had a liver resection/ whipple surgery. I had some issues with infections but for the most part I have been healthy since. I still have issues with certain foods... really greasy, bananas, oranges, etc. My husband and I are wanting to add to our family. I was wondering if anyone had become pregnant after this type of diagnosis?