My wife ( age 57) was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago and has had 4 chemo treatments after a PTC stent was placed. I happened to come across your posts about your father and it sounded sort of similar. The big thing being not reselectable ( no surgery)   No one ever gave me an estimate of time ( like you seem to have received) but rather I hear less than 10 % of people live 5 yrs. with this disease.  For my wife they think it started with bile duct definitely in liver and maybe gall bladder. 

We haven't had a subsequent scan yet ( we are going to do that in Dec after about 4 cycles. 8 treatments) 

Your posting have given me some encouragement has it seems you are at least 6 months since diagnosis and your father is doing better.

Do they talk about any chance of surgery?   From what I've read that isn't a cure all but seems to be best option/extend life projections. 

Anyhow keep posting and telling me how your dad is doing.

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My wife was diagnosed about 1 month ago and I have been trying to research and learn as much as I can concerning her condition.  It seems that chemotherapy ( cisplatin and gemcitabine which seems to be the chemicals of choice) are not very successful in shrinking tumors or arresting the disease.

They have told us surgery is not an option .

I've begun to look into clinical trials to see if she is eligible for any of those.

I have to say the first discussion thread I read from Oceangirl was extremely depressing as it seemed her brother passed in no time.   

I guess I 'm looking for treatment options, success sorties, messages of hope.

As I imagine most people have stated this came out of the blue and is quite devasting news.   

I need to spend some more time reading thru the discussion boards but I wanted to post something.