It sounds like your mom is getting great care at Memorial Sloan. My sister, on the other hand , I feel is getting terrible care but she loves and trusts her oncologist  and refuses to go for a 2nd opinion. She was diagnosed at the end of September with metastatic (to bones and nodes) intrahepatic cc and put on GemOx. She's lost 25 lbs, is completely fatigued, no appetite and no quality of life. Diarrhea so bad that she is in depends. It just doesn't seem right. Has anyone had this sort of experience with Gemox or other chemo? She's had 4 cycles so far and just gets so sick from it. How do I know the chemo is working?
I am so frustrated! Any and all suggestions are welcome!!
Thank you!

Thank you! This is very helpful!
She is tired and is throwing up, mostly after eating and I'm not sure if it's the cancer or the chemo that's doing it.
After how many treatments did they do bloods and a follow up scan to see if the Gemox is working? We are all so scared and so worried.

My sister was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with metastatic intrahepatic CC. The doc says to go with standard of care GEMOX. I've read the literature. Isn't there anything better???? She is very symptomatic. Fluid drained from her pleural cavity, short of breath, exhausted, no appetite. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!