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Thank you Juilie,
Until we get farther along with this IMRT, I have little to contribute.  But, it is a wonderful website and comforting to both patients are caregivers.
Look forward to staying in touch.


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Good evening Lainy and Iowagirl,
thank you for your welcome....it means a lot as both of you know.....

It is a slow period with holidays etc. ---no worries as they say in Utah.....there is a wealth of great support on this website thanks to generous people like yourselves that take the time to respond to total strangers.

Thank you both,



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Although I have logged on to this site on numerous occasions, I have decided it is time to get more involved and perhaps share experiences.

My husband was diagnosed with an unresectable Klatskin tumor in March 2013.  Chemo (Gemzar), followed by Tarceva, FU-5 have kept the tumor from growing, until recently when his CA 19-9 climbed from a little over 100 in June to almost 2000 recently.

He is currently undergoing IMRT radiation with Xeloda, and has 20 treatments to go. 

So far, no side effects.

If anyone has any insight into this therapy, comments would be most welcome.  It has been a long  19 months but  we aren't giving up. 

Thank you for any insight you can provide.


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My husband was on Gemox for 4 months. It brought the cancer markers down dramatically and the tumor (Klaskin's) was essentially unchanged.  He is now on Folfiri (FU-4, Leuvocorin and Tarceva).   Got very severe skin lesion/acne type on his face so they have stopped the tarceva.  His skin cleared up quickly with Clindamycin oitment.

We expect to resume Tarceva soon.

Would appreciate any positive stories on Tarceva effectiveness and I will share our experience as well.  He is being treated at MD Anderson and they are THE BEST.  Determined to beat this terrible cancer.