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Tiff1496: he just had exploratory surgery and 1 lymph node and other tissues were removed and biopsied and the lymph node was positive, other tissues were not. It just stinks to go into treatment thinking that he was going to be transplanted and having our radiation team telling us that it would not spread since he was receiving treatment. Well it did. Now our surgeon and oncologist disagree in that the Oncologist says the last MRI shows it was stable and to continue Xeloda until it proves ineffective, but the surgeon says he wouldn't say it was stable. We are trying to get into MDA now, I trust our Oncologist, but not so sure about the Oncologist. hmm


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I was just wondering how long it took to get an appointment with MD Anderson. I faxed all if my husbands medical records last Friday, they called on Tuesday requesting some additional information, which I was able to fax the same day. I'm not really looking for a second opinion, just want to change treatment centers, but a second opinion would be nice. I'm trying to plan my work and children's schedules, so a time frame would be nice to know:).


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Thank you all so much for the warm welcome. I am so eager to learn more about Cholangiocarcinoma. I've been able to fax his records to two different facilities, and look forward to hearing back from them.


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Hi everyone, my husband was diagnosed with a klatskin's tumor in June. We were sent to Emory to be part if their liver transplant protocol. Everything was moving along as planned, and as they doing the final tests needed for listing him on the transplant an enlarged lymph node was questionable. He had an exploratory procedure done laparoscopically last week and the lymph node was positive. We have two young children (my husband's only 31) and was feeling positive and hopeful about the outcomes of the transplant. Our surgeon said he doesn't have any plans of surgery/resection with the positive lymph node. We are wanting a second opinion. Does anyone have recommendations for aggressive oncologists/surgeons? We will gladly travel anywhere. Thank you all!!