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Thank you! Yes we got second opinion and both docs are considered knowledgable. Onc specializes in gastro cancers. He takes OxyContin twice daily and Percocet for breakthrough up to three per day. Dr is good about pain control. We do protein shakes, he is turned off by meat from chemo . Blood sugars over 450 , we see Gp tomorrow, onc fri.

I am positive hubby doesn't want to know prognosis, tried several times to bring up what ifs, but he ends conversation. He tried to postpone seeing an attorney for our will and ect. but this must be done .
I stay positive w/him and try to build him up but have cried so much alone I think I may dry out, lol. He is only 62 too young.
I am wondering about jaundice. The night of chemo he turned yellow orange, it lasted only about an hour then went away.  I think that is odd. And he gets freezing cold inside his chest periodically, has anyone heard of this?

Thanks for reading and listening


(12 replies, posted in Introductions!)

Hello everyone. Unfortunately husband was diagnosed in August w/intrahepatic bile duct cancer non respectable. Three large timers on liver, several lymph nodes enlarged in stomach. Blood test for tumor marker was 24000, started Gemara/cisplatin cycle in Oct, finished cycle not responding. New chemo 5fu /oxiplatin(sp?) combo and it is wearing him down!

Love dr except he does not tell prognosis ever per nurse. All we officially know is no cure just possible treatment, no staging. husband is in denial thinks he has years to fight this, I have read research info, average median survival 6 months from my research. I am firm believer in mind having power over physical condition but I need to know something! Hubby's pain is increasing blood sugars sky high, has had potassium levels too high.....just so much. And I know that you all understand.
Sorry to have gone on just feels good to get this out finally, little support.
Thanks for listening, any input appreciated!